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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About The Blank White Paper

About The Blank White Paper
By: Noel N. Villarosa
29 July 2012

One day a mother said to her son, “Rest your hands on the blank white paper and feel its emptiness. It is tempting you to write something to fill out the white space with a point from which ink shows your thoughts.“

This is the mother and son daily routine. Every time her son throws a temper tantrum about so many things, she would pacify her son’s misbehavior by giving out many blank white papers and give him pencil or crayons to use for writing on it.  Her son will bravely lead his hands to every corner of the paper and do many shapes as he could while mother guided and enjoyed the moments.

Many years had passed and the son has grown up into a fine successful man, while the mother already an old woman.

Then came one special day, her son’s birthday, and many friends, relatives, and co-employees were among the son's guests on that special occasion. Everyone presented their precious gifts and some shared moments about their past. One best friend asked, “What could be your delightful gifts ever received?” The son picked up one box being separated from the other gifts and proudly tell that it was from his mother, and he opened it in front of all his guests, and everyone is surprised to see that it is filled with white papers with drawings of shapes, as everyone would probably think that it was created by a little child with no controls of his hands but tried it out all his best to show what he has got. “Yes, these were all my works when I was still a little boy, and gradually improves as years go by, I would not be in this position if not with my mother’s simple way of teaching me.” All these years, his mother compiled all his works inside a box and presented this on his special day.  As this blank white paper has been the son’s refuge whenever struck by depression, he will get a piece of blank white paper and writes down his feelings, dreams, and creativity. It gives pleasure to all discomforts.  The son approached his mother and handed over a piece of white paper, not blank, but with words of appreciation to his mother for all her teachings and encouragements. The son’s note: “The blank white paper resembles of my naivety when I came here on earth and both you and father have taught me how to fill this out with perseverance and dignity. I am returning this to you now filled with my overflowing gratitude for all the good things you have done to me.”

Moral lesson: In small ways, we learned and showed our love. The simplest form of love earned distinction and respect.  In due time, it is always the thought that counts.

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