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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pio Noel and the Ginger Dragon

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Pio Noel and the Ginger Dragon (Fictional Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
November 8, 2015

On a planet not known to humans, not ever landed by human’s space shuttle, not even near-missed hit by a patrolling space satellite, was a planet where dragons lived called “Wodip” Thus, whenever the sun deviates backward at a rate of one degree, our planet was crossing the galactic level where on its north-south axis will be pointing to the planet of Wodip, for it wobbles during this time, what we could see was a light emission from the Wodip planet. Old folks who actually witnessed this light emission have believed to be the light tunnel where dragons passed through to enter planet Earth.  These dragons have visited our earth, lived a thousand years, and they have one purpose in visiting our planet Earth, just to loot our precious stones and bring it back to their planet.

Dragons on planet Wodip have three colonies: The blue, red, and green dragons. The red dragons were the fire breather, the blue dragons were the electric currents breather, and the green dragons were the chemiluminescence breather. It was not magical, but there was a scientific explanation of how did dragons emit their type of breath. Whenever a red dragon digests its food, it created a gas; this gas was stored in another kind of chamber, and which later mixed with another substance that has the capability to ignite a fire at the contact of air. While the blue dragons have a different scientific explanation on how they breathe electric currents. The nervous system has the capacity to produce electricity on its cells; nucleus decides when to release the electric organ. When the signal compelled it, an array of nerves mobilizes the thousands of cells to activate immediately. Each cell behaves like a battery carrying negative and positive charges. The green dragons, on the other hand, emit chemiluminescence of a greenish glow when elemental phosphorus was exposed to damp air.

All these dragons for a longer period of time have been rivals in maintaining their good position in their society. Whoever got the more gems on their possession will become more powerful. The Wodip planet was a cold place and in order to survive the harsh weather, dragons need to gather more gemstone to warm their place in order to survive. The irradiation coming from these gemstones are producing ultraviolet light which is present in sunlight; gemstone colors are so rich with ultraviolet radiation, and gamma rays which the Wodip planet needed to fuel or warm their place.

The red dragons were so preemptive to disable dragons, not of their kind; they were stealing all the gems with the other dragons, thus preventing the blue and green dragons to survive. Before all of their own kind slowly disappears, the leader of the green dragons decided to send their new hatchlings into planet Earth through the light tunnel being opened as when the sun deviates backwards, letting planet Wodip be directly aligned to planet Earth sending this light tunnel to be their only escape route from the red dragons. Among the few hatchlings sent into the light tunnel, only one egg successfully passed through the very intricate tubular channel because of the swirling vibration that needs to be endured by the fragile egg, and this egg who survived will be called as “Ginger Dragon.”

At one peaceful night when everyone else in the family has gone to sleep, a boy named Pio Noel was awakened by the swishing sound coming from an open field where Pio’s house was nearby. Pio stood in at the window looking out towards the open field when a beam of light ripped the sky. Pio followed where exactly the light connected, and immediately went into that place. From the ground, it created a big deep pit, only to find an egg lying on it. Pio climbed down and picked up the egg, and brought it home. Every day he will nurture it like precious belongings, every night he will sit beside the crackling blaze on the hearth, and on his lap was the egg to incubate for hatching. Pio felt the constant motion inside the egg and knew that for a month longer; the shell will crack.

At the first light that came into contact with the creature’s half-asleep eyes, it was looking for its parents. To show Pio’s concern to the creature, he massaged its arrowhead tail, and covered it with a purple cloth to warm him up, and put him to rest. Pio immediately had noticed the effect of color purple into this creature, it made a relaxing and cooling effect.

Every time the creature wakes up, it will do a humming sound and will wrap its tail around Pio’s arm inviting to apply a little massage. During feeding on the creature, Pio usually will feed it with a bite of the dragon fruit during the morning, and in the afternoon, he will feed it with chicken marinated in ginger and lemon, for every time he feeds it with food mixed with ginger, the creature will make a high pitched sound expressing how it likes the food. So it became a ritual for feeding the creature with food mixed with ginger. Because of this practice, Pio has named the creature as “Ginger Dragon.”

Every after eating the dragon fruit, Pio will usually take Ginger in the outdoor to have a glimpse of the beautiful river bank; Pio will take Ginger into the river, and let it see its own reflection in the crystal clear water; Ginger will widely open its bright yellow eyes with surprise, and will joyously jump at the chance of flapping its wings, and able to lift its body. Pio saw these things, so he did many times to let Ginger spread its wings, and lift its body into the air. Pio tried this many times until Ginger practiced to scoop the air with its wings and forcing itself upward. Pio trained Ginger to make its wings tough enough to withstand strong winds, and how it will protect the wing’s membranes not to get severed because once severed it may not be able to fly again.

Over the years, Ginger has improved its skeletal features like the head, neck, broad shoulders, thick legs, a strong tail and its leathery wings. Its Supraspinatus and Flexor alae major were its flight muscles that helped him to fly. It has improved its horns or spikes on its head and running down its spine. Ginger has totally grown into a full dragon. Pio will usually ride on its back, and had a thrill in flying with Ginger; they both will go on top of the volcano and watching its crater. At the peak height of its position, it will do the accelerated free fall, and be catching their breath, and upon near hitting the ground will pull up again making Pio hold its breath, but have enjoyed it so much.

Came upon the redoubtable when the sun deviates backward causing Earth to line up with planet Wodip; all the red dragons went inside the light tunnel ready to enter planet Earth. One by one they came out from the light tunnel, and with fierce sound seemed they were looking for Ginger dragon. Red dragons waited for this moment to eliminate Ginger dragon, they have these senses of any surviving green dragons on the loose when they tried to escape from planet Wodip.

Ginger dragon acknowledging the challenge responded by sending its high pitch sound back to the red dragons. Ginger dragon’s body system has been changed by living with his friend Pio. Aside from its chemiluminescence of a greenish glow, it has developed a brown skin with a sheen on it. In adopting for eating plenty of ginger, it helped to stimulate gastric juices, and releases an aromatic rhizome which helps Ginger dragon of having this "image of thought" that apprehends multiplicities of events, and foresees the outcome, this power will prevent Ginger dragon from doing the wrong action, while tracking the right thing to do.

Pio brought his special weapon to help Ginger dragon fight the red dragons, he brought his slingshot with a super stone called “Godick.” This stone can penetrate the red dragon’s tough and shiny scales, and from the inside will crack and burst every bone making its victim’s body be paralyzed. Pio and Ginger dragon flew to the battle site. The red dragons were waiting, and upon sighting them, they have formed the spear formation where the leader was in front. Ginger dragon emitted its ginger breath and forming a ball of gas showing events to happen. Ginger predicted the red dragon’s plan. Ginger saw that they will strike flying like a spear then upon nearing to them will spread out, and doing the cyclic jail on both Pio and Ginger dragon. All of these events were seen before it happened. Ginger tell to Pio to hold tight as it will soar up high before red dragons could go near on them, and then suddenly will free fall creating strong turbulence of wind to destroy their formation, and then telling to Pio it’s the right time on aiming them one by one with his slingshot to paralyze them all. Ginger without waiting for any chance for the red dragons to get near, soared up to the higher level, and then free fall creating unsteady movement of air, destroying their formation, and giving Pio a chance to hit them with his special stone, hitting them one by one and paralyzing them to fall down into the ground. Every time Pio will hurl the stone, he will chant this phrase into the wind:

Faith unifies the triangular life path
Union of soul, mind, and body
An all-out strength against their wrath
For in the battle is a stage of intensity

Take this stone as a death blow
Every bone and flesh to collapse
Never in this land will your blood flow
You can run away or take death perhaps

This chanting was very powerful that Pio could be able to aim his enemy perfectly, hitting them with the stone, and helplessly paralyzing them. Ginger’s breath was so powerful that it could emit a ball of gas shield protecting them from the red dragon’s fire.

With the good teamwork of Pio and Ginger dragon, they have totally defeated all the red dragons sending them all falling to the ground lifeless.

Their victory over the red dragons had to put an end to the light tunnel by closing the portals between planet Wodip and planet Earth. Ginger dragon had to disconnect the light tunnel by emitting a chemiluminescence or a greenish glow into the exact ground where this light tunnel was connected in order to refract, and sending it out back into the outer space. The greenish glow from Ginger dragon served as the refracting lens to send out the light tunnel from planet Hodip into the outer space, making the planet earth safe from the invading red dragons. Ginger dragon decided not to leave planet Earth and stayed with his longtime friend Pio Noel. The End.

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