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Friday, September 23, 2011

How to React Professionally to Negative Comments in your Article

By: Noel N. Villarosa
15 Sept. 2011
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Everyone is free to express their opinions. Exhilarating feeling, once we received a good feedback, and feel disappointed over a discontented comment. You are writing because you have good reasons to be on this profession. In general, you are fully responsive to reader’s needs, and to provide them with the highest quality information for their personal growth, advancement, and empowerment. Don’t shove yourself to be a good writer at an instant, it is not like striking at a ball with a club in a single complete movement. You are required to observe and feel before putting it into writing. Every opinion is supported by an argument, and this is how your defensive reactions will be tested.

Be Open-Minded. Every now and then, we will be facing up a disgraceful events. We are living in a world where partiality is common, that is why we are easily impressed emotionally by what is said or written. Always think that your readers are promiscuous, and that their comments are ecumenical. Always think that you are not favorably singled-out among other writers to have received such negative comments. This kind of mind-set will help you to quell self-pity and fear of writing again.

Be Critical. Be your own critic. A careful evaluation and re-reading of your article could find unnoticeable errors and flaws that you could change and improve for a best reading result. This also attracts good feedback from your readers. It is like reflecting your image into the mirror, and see if you are well-groomed before showing up. You cannot please everyone, instead, be professional in accepting their insights.

Ruling Out. During our school days, we are given rigorous disciplining, and we are conditioned into the method of selecting and eliminating to get the best answer to the question. The same thing in reading comments from your article. You need to sort things out to know what comments are being constructive or an abusive ad hominem attack. If comments are snarky, you could eliminate by ignoring it from your thoughts, as they are only creating a confusion. If it is a constructive criticism, it can be consummated by citing a helpful suggestions which you can be thankful.

Redeeming From Insult. To allay a sagging spirit from a spiteful comment, why don’t spend your time in writing another interesting article as a make-work. Your murmuring will turn into fulfillment once you release a gutsy talk of your feelings, and will find yourself back again in the stream of writing.

Considering Squeeze Play. Imagine yourself playing in a baseball competition, wherein your critics are your secret allies and playing as the batter. Eventually, not realizing it, that for every comment entered into your article is like a bunt on the pitch that could help you score for a home run, and safely touch home base of the writer's league. For in numerous attempts of writing could become an acquired habit for writing confidently. Always think that you can write, and could deliver a helpful article to your readers. Simply prove to yourself that you can write effectively.