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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Four Travellers (Short story for children)

               Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/cairn-fog-mystical-background-1531997/

The Four Travellers (Short story for children)

By: Noel N. Villarosa
7 August 2016

Once there were four travellers on a journey, packed with their own skills and expertise. They were the hunter, mountain climber, tourist guide, and the tribesman. They were among the castaways who managed to survive a shipwreck. The four travellers had survived when they were able to reach a mysterious land.

In the mysterious land, time flew so slow that they were so exhausted. One day, while they were in deep sleep, a sudden voice of nature heard playing in their ears and was talking in their mind. One by one, they were awakened by the fairy’s light, and a beautiful lady was floating with a green glowing body.

The four travellers were told that in order to find their way out, they were required to choose their ride, and need to position themselves on a clear road towards north. That ride will take them to reality, and will live with it for the rest of their lives.

The hunter excitedly got his firearm and with it, he sat, thinking of becoming a bullet to travel fast through the other end of the portal. The mountain climber rode on a sledge to scoot fast through the portal. The tourist guide held his compass believing that it will show the right direction, and will never get lost. Lastly, the tribesman just stands on his own, facing the portal believing on the power of his mind and body, will bring him back to his birthplace.

Last words from the fairy that the four should stand firm on their ride and that they would remember nothing as they came across into the other end.

As the four travellers swooped into the portal, their semblance changed unexpectedly. The hunter became a bullet and had become a charm for those in a war conflict; he would be rather penetrating an innocent body and killing them at once. The mountain climber became a sledge and became a favorite ride for those having fun on scooting down the hills. The tourist guide became famous as map accessories on every journey; all the three travellers were transformed into their chosen rides. The hunter became a bullet, the mountain climber became a sledge, and the tourist guide became a compass. They never enjoyed being reunited with their loved ones. Among them, only the tribesman was successfully transported back into his homeland, because he believed that his body was the rightful ride for every life’s journey. The tribesman will always trace his family roots and wherever he may be, he will always find a way to be reunited with his fellow villagers. The End.