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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Beautiful Day Even Without the Sun (Personal Story)

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A Beautiful Day Even Without the Sun (Personal Story)

By: Noel Nicolas Villarosa
24 September 2012

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As everything that has ever existed has occupied time and space, there will be another next in line to occupy the same. In a place where no lights to hold back your sanity in dreaming all the pleasures in life; where no noise to lay closer and to pound behind ears; where houses dwelt in were made from wood and nipa palm; and where simple life has never been touched by arrogance was where a mother and her son lived.

One day, relatives coming from an urban area paid a visit to the mother and her son and were bringing with them all electronic gadgets just to survive boredom. It's been many years since their relatives have gone to the city, and there have been no communications at all between them. And that moment was only the best time to say regards to each other when the one considered as the pillar of the home had died, and relatives were there to pay their last respects to the departed one. The relative's children have so much fun playing with their electronic gadgets, not appreciating the real fun life of playing outside the backyard. The mother and her son simple living were not affected at all by the wonders of these gadgets; instead, they stayed calm and happy by the beauty of the surroundings.

There was a moment when the son was playing with a coconut husk (as the ball to kick), the cousins would laugh and would tease her son that the coconut husk is not a ball but real dirt. Once her son played spider encountering a fight with another spider and was using a stick as the arena--the cousins would show off and tempt her son to use their PlayStation. Her son would enjoy riding at water buffalo's back rather than riding to the cousin's bicycle, and would always enjoy playing instead of listening to the cousins' scoffing. Every day, her son would start and end a day with pleasures and contentment beaming into his face. Disgusted, one cousin asked, "What keeps you lively and inspired living in this ho-hum place." The son had seated and faced them, and started revealing the secrets he learned from his departed father. The son had continued to relate every moment that his father once shared with him. His father would usually end a day by talking to him under the moonlit landscape; it is a paragon and a timely conversation to let the son know what to do if such time will come that his father will no longer be around to start and end a day with him. His father had told him to sit on the same place where they were having conversations, and to look up to the same moon that was staring them at every moment of their talks, and could probably accompany him through all the misty evenings, and to just talk as he is talking to his father for the wind will reverberate each reply. His father once said, "In the morning while the sun glares and no one to take you to the place where you want to play, just feel the warmth it gives you and think that I am always with you through all your undertakings. When it rains, it is an invitation for you to go out and play counting the earthworms, for it is the best time that earthworms come out to remain moist and absorb oxygen, and also gets the chance to watch frogs hopping, and listening to their songs to guide other frogs to meet them will be fascinating to your eyes. And from this day on, keep all my memories and as you cherished this day by day, you will never feel alone, and you could still enjoy a beautiful day even without the sun." All his cousins were listening so eagerly that they forgot what they were supposed to do. The story has inspired them to appreciate every moment of their lives.

From that day on, his cousins were now seen playing with the coconut husk, and equipped with sticks they went out hunting for spider to play with, and when it was raining, instead of cuddling up to their blanket, they went out to splash around the rainwater to bring back memories to cheer them up.

You can still make life so simple and happy going on if you choose to live with it. It is through your own will that you will survive, and by the wisdom, you stay connected.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Clock (Short Story Personification)

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The Clock (Short Story Personification)
By: Noel N. Villarosa

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It's half past twelve, "Tick-tock... tick-tock... tick-tock... " This sound filled the quiet room. And from unexplained events and very strange thing to know, that there were these three allies: the hour, the minute, and the second who are always ticking for joy during midnight. For at this time there will be nobody watching them hanging on the wall, as everyone has fallen asleep and nobody to see what their time to show. That evening is only for them. So second did a little ticking and said, "I will run around so quickly to sweep the floor and clean it in a second," While minute did also the ticking and said, "I will run around minutely, much slower as second took one round of sweeping the floor, then I will take one step ahead so that a minute pass to the floor makes a good clean," Then hour did also its own ticking much slower than the second and the minute. Each takes their turn at their proven pace; mapping for a path to set a unique time for a final sweeping of the floor that will make it really promising, so that in the next morning, everybody in the house will be surprised that the floor is within the realm of a credible dimension. Everybody will ask, "Who did the sweeping of the floor?" But nobody will think it was the three allies: the hour, the minute, and the second who did the sweeping of the floor, because in the morning they are just being watched as an ordinary clock hanging on the wall, reminding us when to start another day; what is next to be done and to plan, but at night nobody knows that they are doing amazing things like sweeping all our dirt left on the floor. It is clearing the path we have messed around to get us going the next day.

The floor is the stage where we performed our greatest act in life. Time is only essential as a testimony that we have done something good or bad, and once slipped by, just think that time has polished and kept it for a while, and for the time being would be something to reminisce about in the future. So time just keeps on passing by and never had a passion to sleep, let's make it worthwhile to harmonize with the cycle of the time.