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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What If

What If
By: Noel N. Villarosa
May 24, 2016

My mind stormed with “what ifs”
Clueless about shifting ends will be right
Almost words are pell-mell on the cliff
I am hoping to find real delights

What if there are no funny movies?
Leaving many faces too serious for nothing
Our character will not tell a joke and turns ugly
Our time is better written with distinct meaning

What if I could write my younger self?
Will I transgress God’s will?
Or a timely edification of himself
Would rightly fit over frills

What if this is my last day on earth?
Will my wish be granted, while it fits desirable?
Will my wish to remain as a kid will not bring forth?
To places and events where pains are incurable

What if there are no more bad people?
Who would people turn to in order to blame
The righteous are widespread, leaving life favorable
Negativity will no longer rob our children’s fame

Imagining things out of context
What if there are new ways of transportation?
A teleporter would show its greatest effects
Strangers be deployed on chosen destination

Invulnerable if we treat our imagination
Vanishing reality into a divine foreseeing
Aroma of life instilling finest inspiration
What’s up ahead is our take as a human being

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