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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Roaring Sound That Saved the World (Fiction Story for Children)

                           Photo Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/globe-earth-heart-rate-pulse-762008/
                                    By: Gerd Altmann from Freiburg, Deutschland

The Roaring Sound That Saved the World (Fiction Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
12 May 2015

As people go along with the ripple of life, they are unmindful of the effect of their activities. Time is getting short. Mother Nature is about to tremble herself once more. We are running out of natural resources. Is anyone thinking? Is anyone talking? Earth is passing periods of time and getting frail. The Hopi Indians knew many activities of humans that do harm to our earth; they knew that mining would create lopsidedness of mass and external forces from outside the earth will add effects to the rotation of the earth. They were also considering the risk of an asteroid hitting the earth. This was the very reason the Hopi Indians finally decided to find a team for research and monitoring the movement of the earth. They were experimenting on sound waves that could make a shift of the earth’s revolution just in case of a possible asteroid hitting the earth.

The Hopi Indians heard about the children with a strange roaring sound, and they could be found on the island of the Philippines. The Hopi Indians booked on the first flight in the morning, they traveled nine hours and have reached the province of Laguna. They were fascinated by the vastness of mountains and trees, they could feel the fresh breath coming out from the mountains, and they were sure that this place was just perfect for contemplating and searching for the gifted children.

One morning, when everything was bright and quiet, the Hopi’s sensitive ears just heard a supersonic sound from the sky, it sounded like two jets flying side by side, but the weird thing was that it was heard all over the world. They knew that this strange sound would someday be heard. Short in time, they started to look for the gifted children in Laguna.

The Hopi Indians were planning to build a big Artificial Omni-directional sound source in an Anechoic Chamber to absorb all reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves and be able to inject it into the deep planet’s crust to induce movement and be able to push earth revolution. The Hopi Indians calculated that another huge asteroid will crash on earth leaving big destruction and fatalities to human life. They were hoping that with this invention of collective roaring and other sound waves would create a push on the earth’s crust and be able to change the direction of the earth to avoid hitting by the asteroid.

As we know, that at the center of the earth is a huge ball of liquid iron. It is always spinning and causes the earth to spin with it. According to study that every few million/billion years, the iron core shifts its direction of spin. Earth has a magnetic field with North & South Poles. The axis of rotation is different from the magnetic poles. This difference creates a force for the earth to rotate on its axis. The Hopi Indians planned to inject the Artificial Omni and the Anechoic Chamber down to the earth’s crust.

The Hopi Indians did not waste any time and searched for the children with the loudest roaring. Along their way, one morning they heard a roaring sound coming directly from the small house covered by many plants, they saw one child chatting to his father on the computer, and they heard how he roared with so much force, and so much loud, they were sure about this roaring sound, and so they knocked on the door to see the child, and to their surprise, they have witnessed also the other five children doing the roaring sound, and created the loudest sound waves when measured in their decibel meter and amplitude. Now the Hopi Indians were hopeful to have found the six children that could help them complete their experiment.

With no time to waste, they hurried back into the laboratory bringing with them the six children. They set up the artificial Omni-directional sound, and the anechoic chamber to where the sound will be stored, and to be connected down the center of the earth’s crust. At the monitoring of their satellite sending image to the ground radar, it spotted an approaching asteroid--the Trojan asteroid which is sharing an orbit with the earth when suddenly has changed direction, and now a threat to collide with earth. The six children positioned themselves near the Artificial Omni-directional sound and “ROARED, ROARED, ROARED,” altogether shelving the loudest sound waves ever measured on earth; this sound wave was stored inside the Anechoic Chamber, and to be injected into the earth’s crust. When this Anechoic Chamber was injected into the deep earth’s crust, it wobbled the earth’s crust making it moved to the right side, this happened as the approaching Trojan asteroid had passed to where the earth was positioned, the earth moved to the right side, and avoided the hitting of Trojan asteroid. All were praying at that blood-curdling moment The Hopi Indians were jumping for joy for the successful experiment, and just saved the world by using the roaring sound coming from the voice of Moira, Maia, Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim. The Hopi Indians still kept the roaring sound of Moira, Maia, Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim inside the Anechoic Chamber for future use when the earth will be in danger again. The six children went home with a smile on their face, proud to have just saved the world from near collision to an asteroid, happy they were and still doing the ROAR, ROAR, ROAR, sound. THE END