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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kissing in the Rain

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Kissing In The Rain
(Haiku Form)
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Sparkle of kiss
Pitter-patter of raindrops
Therapy rebirth

Sparkle of rain
Seeking possession--a kiss
Sparkling clashes

Confiding through rain
And after the rainbows fade
Retired in your arms

Simple life we shared
I walked with you in the rain
All the blues drifted

Unbecoming rain
Heeded to lover’s advice
Moments of bliss to come

Bitty diamonds
Showered their naked bodies
Cuddled bright beauty

Gentle rain pouring
Never drifted us apart
Be still in the rain

2nd place winner
Kissing in the Rain (2 Haiku) Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A (5/27/2013)

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22 May 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where the Wind Blows


Where the Wind Blows
 (Rhyme Form)
By: Noel N. Villarosa

As the wind blows unannounced
Rising up one soul from his lowness
As it howls, journey commenced
Most likely to ponder over his cumbersome blindness

Spent his childhood days on a mountainous place
Facing a vast expanse of seawater
Sandy beach and rocky shoreline to showcase
Old folks were a farmer and boat-builder

Picturesque at almost every turn, only for their eyes
Blind man could not see but gentle breeze tells it all
As the breeze was cooled by the lake is what it implies
Wind blows is his device to know what would befall

Rushing of wind would mean a gusty storm
In no time his place be battered by typhoons
Hearing waves undulate liberally, his mind conforms
With the wind tempting to harness his fiddle to attune

When it all calms down, fallen leaves on the ground
Sea froth bubbling after lapping waves
Zephyr comes around to soothe the weariness
As life lurks in out of the blue to cast around

He wishes to know and to see
Through where the wind blows
And ends up hating the humidity
Always wanted someone breathing so close

15th place winner in Where The Wind Blows Contest
Sponsored by: Gail Angel Doyle

Contest Judged: 6/4/2013
Posted: www.poetrysoup.com
20 May 2013