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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Working From Home

10 Things You Don't Know About Working From Home

1. You'll suddenly realize that housewives are totally busy people -with hardly any breaks.
2. You'll be challenged not to work because your cute baby is staring at you, saying "play!".
3. You'll be asked constantly, "What do you want to eat today" by your spouse.
4. If you're not careful, that DVD collection will be your #1 distraction from work.
5. You don't remember when was the last time you took a bath/shaved.
6. You're suddenly more interested in nice looking shorts and pajamas in the mall.
7. Your cellphone isn't getting much use unlike before.
8. When you walk to the neighborhood park, pool, all you see are yayas and their wards.
9. When it rains, you're happy you're indoors and won't be going anywhere!
10. In the hot months, you're happy that you can afford an aircon for your room!

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Noel N. Villarosa

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long Distance Parent - How to Lighten Up a Child’s Longing Through Video Call

By: Noel N. Villarosa

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Nowadays, most parents need to reconcile with the condition of living apart (because of working outside their home country) while craving connection with their loved ones. They are synthesizing the best possible efforts and ideas in order to provide food, shelter, education, and love for their children.

Time will always challenge your flexibility. Wise decisions will make a difference in your lives. Your choice of work comes with big responsibilities and with great privileges, which sometimes puts you apart from your loved ones. Working overseas is seeking greener pastures, and you bravely adapt to the new condition of the new place. It is hard to accept living outside your home country, and being apart with your loved ones is psychologically disturbing not only for the parents but most especially to a child. However, be grateful that you are now living in computer era and everything is just a click away to send a message and video call, and enjoy the pleasure of chatting while doing other tasks. Outside your home, iPhone 3GS will bridge that gap. However, did you ask yourself how to afford quality time with your child to relieve loneliness that he is getting while you are away? How to build that close personal relationship between a parent and a child on a distant communication is through personal experience that you could improve as time goes by.

Availability. It is important that you let your child feel your presence most of the time. It is your everyday tasks to video call him and to ask him as to what has transpired during the day. Your child will be able to build trust and confidence to speak out his feelings. In asking, your child could explore the will to think rationally. Your presence can mean so much for him that he can be proud to tell this to other children.

Visualization. The power of your mind puts you in control, thus your child will open up his awareness to the things communicated. Online storytelling would be such fun to let him share what he understand about the story that would eventually spark an open dialogue between a parent and a child. Allow your child to share also his naive story and praise for his wonderful narration. It is helping your child on how to communicate and share his feelings. In visualization, it helps to prolong the conversation, thus making it more exciting for your child to create his own story out of his visual perception. Listening on your part is a great role as a parent.

Making Fun. Spice things up when you make an online call to your child. A child will never run out of a game plan to lay down, and he wants to capture every bit of utmost joy. If he wants to pretend as a superhero, let him feel the excitement. If he insists of typing his name into the computer, you just let him do it and praise a work done by sending him some emoticons like a star, a smiley face, or a heart. There are webcams to jazz up your video image into an animation where your child could initiate a fairy talk. Be interested in making your child's world more fascinating and fun-loving moments.

Tour and Invite. Using your webcam or mobile phone, you can tour him around into your place and let him see your bedroom, television, cabinet, and other things--so he would also know that you are living well. You can also show to him his pictures that you are bringing and keeping all the time, and tell how you well-loved and treasured it. It is more riveting if you will promise that you are going to get him and having him live with you.

Bidding Goodbye. The sad part of a conversation is the time for farewell. Let your child feel that it is not parting ways, but just for a bedtime routine and need to rest, a full-length read of a bedtime story would complete your child's evening, and before signing out, you extend your arms, as if reaching your child for an embrace. Forming your hands into a heart shape is an additional way of bidding goodbye. The last thing, tell that you love him, and always ensure that you will see him again.

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