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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Working From Home

10 Things You Don't Know About Working From Home

1. You'll suddenly realize that housewives are totally busy people -with hardly any breaks.
2. You'll be challenged not to work because your cute baby is staring at you, saying "play!".
3. You'll be asked constantly, "What do you want to eat today" by your spouse.
4. If you're not careful, that DVD collection will be your #1 distraction from work.
5. You don't remember when was the last time you took a bath/shaved.
6. You're suddenly more interested in nice looking shorts and pajamas in the mall.
7. Your cellphone isn't getting much use unlike before.
8. When you walk to the neighborhood park, pool, all you see are yayas and their wards.
9. When it rains, you're happy you're indoors and won't be going anywhere!
10. In the hot months, you're happy that you can afford an aircon for your room!

So there it is --the honest good and bad. Find out how you can work from your nice bahay --even if you're already abroad: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=4403628

Noel N. Villarosa

P.S. Don't worry, this is no s-c-*a-m. I know the guy. Read and judge for yourself: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=4403628

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long Distance Parent - How to Lighten Up a Child’s Longing Through Video Call

By: Noel N. Villarosa

As Featured On EzineArticles

Nowadays, most parents need to reconcile with the condition of living apart (because of working outside their home country) while craving connection with their loved ones. They are synthesizing the best possible efforts and ideas in order to provide food, shelter, education, and love for their children.

Time will always challenge your flexibility. Wise decisions will make a difference in your lives. Your choice of work comes with big responsibilities and with great privileges, which sometimes puts you apart from your loved ones. Working overseas is seeking greener pastures, and you bravely adapt to the new condition of the new place. It is hard to accept living outside your home country, and being apart with your loved ones is psychologically disturbing not only for the parents but most especially to a child. However, be grateful that you are now living in computer era and everything is just a click away to send a message and video call, and enjoy the pleasure of chatting while doing other tasks. Outside your home, iPhone 3GS will bridge that gap. However, did you ask yourself how to afford quality time with your child to relieve loneliness that he is getting while you are away? How to build that close personal relationship between a parent and a child on a distant communication is through personal experience that you could improve as time goes by.

Availability. It is important that you let your child feel your presence most of the time. It is your everyday tasks to video call him and to ask him as to what has transpired during the day. Your child will be able to build trust and confidence to speak out his feelings. In asking, your child could explore the will to think rationally. Your presence can mean so much for him that he can be proud to tell this to other children.

Visualization. The power of your mind puts you in control, thus your child will open up his awareness to the things communicated. Online storytelling would be such fun to let him share what he understand about the story that would eventually spark an open dialogue between a parent and a child. Allow your child to share also his naive story and praise for his wonderful narration. It is helping your child on how to communicate and share his feelings. In visualization, it helps to prolong the conversation, thus making it more exciting for your child to create his own story out of his visual perception. Listening on your part is a great role as a parent.

Making Fun. Spice things up when you make an online call to your child. A child will never run out of a game plan to lay down, and he wants to capture every bit of utmost joy. If he wants to pretend as a superhero, let him feel the excitement. If he insists of typing his name into the computer, you just let him do it and praise a work done by sending him some emoticons like a star, a smiley face, or a heart. There are webcams to jazz up your video image into an animation where your child could initiate a fairy talk. Be interested in making your child's world more fascinating and fun-loving moments.

Tour and Invite. Using your webcam or mobile phone, you can tour him around into your place and let him see your bedroom, television, cabinet, and other things--so he would also know that you are living well. You can also show to him his pictures that you are bringing and keeping all the time, and tell how you well-loved and treasured it. It is more riveting if you will promise that you are going to get him and having him live with you.

Bidding Goodbye. The sad part of a conversation is the time for farewell. Let your child feel that it is not parting ways, but just for a bedtime routine and need to rest, a full-length read of a bedtime story would complete your child's evening, and before signing out, you extend your arms, as if reaching your child for an embrace. Forming your hands into a heart shape is an additional way of bidding goodbye. The last thing, tell that you love him, and always ensure that you will see him again.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Noel_Nicolas_Villarosa

Friday, September 23, 2011

How to React Professionally to Negative Comments in your Article

By: Noel N. Villarosa
15 Sept. 2011
As Featured On EzineArticles

Everyone is free to express their opinions. Exhilarating feeling, once we received a good feedback, and feel disappointed over a discontented comment. You are writing because you have good reasons to be on this profession. In general, you are fully responsive to reader’s needs, and to provide them with the highest quality information for their personal growth, advancement, and empowerment. Don’t shove yourself to be a good writer at an instant, it is not like striking at a ball with a club in a single complete movement. You are required to observe and feel before putting it into writing. Every opinion is supported by an argument, and this is how your defensive reactions will be tested.

Be Open-Minded. Every now and then, we will be facing up a disgraceful events. We are living in a world where partiality is common, that is why we are easily impressed emotionally by what is said or written. Always think that your readers are promiscuous, and that their comments are ecumenical. Always think that you are not favorably singled-out among other writers to have received such negative comments. This kind of mind-set will help you to quell self-pity and fear of writing again.

Be Critical. Be your own critic. A careful evaluation and re-reading of your article could find unnoticeable errors and flaws that you could change and improve for a best reading result. This also attracts good feedback from your readers. It is like reflecting your image into the mirror, and see if you are well-groomed before showing up. You cannot please everyone, instead, be professional in accepting their insights.

Ruling Out. During our school days, we are given rigorous disciplining, and we are conditioned into the method of selecting and eliminating to get the best answer to the question. The same thing in reading comments from your article. You need to sort things out to know what comments are being constructive or an abusive ad hominem attack. If comments are snarky, you could eliminate by ignoring it from your thoughts, as they are only creating a confusion. If it is a constructive criticism, it can be consummated by citing a helpful suggestions which you can be thankful.

Redeeming From Insult. To allay a sagging spirit from a spiteful comment, why don’t spend your time in writing another interesting article as a make-work. Your murmuring will turn into fulfillment once you release a gutsy talk of your feelings, and will find yourself back again in the stream of writing.

Considering Squeeze Play. Imagine yourself playing in a baseball competition, wherein your critics are your secret allies and playing as the batter. Eventually, not realizing it, that for every comment entered into your article is like a bunt on the pitch that could help you score for a home run, and safely touch home base of the writer's league. For in numerous attempts of writing could become an acquired habit for writing confidently. Always think that you can write, and could deliver a helpful article to your readers. Simply prove to yourself that you can write effectively.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eclipse Of The Soul

28 October 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Plants harmonize to the sun to bring life aglow
And to rest at the night’s luminary
The sea is waiting for the wind to blow
And serve as cradle for fish hatchery

And mankind, on the hustle and bustle of each day
Gyrate on a merry-go-round, so tedious
Withal, a wishy-washy self
And a thrall of his own fear
Thither that place called ‘hades’
And in his dream the edelweiss and wisteria
Go down to ecocide
The fierce billow has taken many billet doux
Into a forlorn land
Pensive for a homing pigeon to carry his thought to God
That once awaken, a harmonica is playing
And a new paradise for dwelling
Many at threescore are not contented
And praying for a longer life
But many committed blasphemy so umpteen
And now yelling for the forgiveness of sin
And the fracas he brought to nature

Now mankind is waiting for the great covenant
For the realization of life, truth, and love as above all
And the destruction of sin, sickness, and death
Before he sees the complete eclipse of his soul.

Posted in: Voicesnet.com on 28 October 2009
Poetrysoup.com on 23 May 2010

A Perfect Company

23 May 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

They are the big fish in a small pond
They received kudos and power widely
With their bunch of fives used as their wand
They dominate while sitting idly

Been tasked in carrying coals to Newcastle
Never saw them as cool as cucumber
The atmosphere of office is in chronically hassle
Mobility and formative years, they are there to encumber

World-weary, so he indulged into stargazing
That he was working in a peculiar place
Where people work with eternal bliss
Where no one to make shudder and no egotist displaying

Everyone is happy to comply with buoyant spirits
You feel as no stranger but as a longtime friend
Where giving recognition and importance have no limits
Different origins and cultures do blend

There were no rush works and pressures
No deadline to meet and sanction
All work harmoniously with pleasures
And get involved into another function

They were wearing white uniform
No shoes, all are barefooted
No pains to bear and no hurting words thrown
A feeling of living in your own homestead

The place is boundless in its beauty
Where children play with other creatures
No darkness, only eternal light and free from enmity
That you can rest in the placidity of its seashore

Then a meeting was called and everyone gathered in the garden
He was introduced by the man sitting on the throne
He saw the man’s face as magnanimous, charmingly simple and serene
A soothing voice and said, my son there is no contract signing to hold you own
Only love will bind us as one.

Posted in: voicesnet.com poetry site on 4 January 2010 and poetrysoup.com on 23 May 2010.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Father and Son

17 March 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Quatrain Form)

--Mirrored Refrain--
--xaBA xbAB xaBA xbAB xaBA xbA--

Fair thee well, to humbly exist and live for my son
If he feels blue, I’ll be his clown
Everything will be fine and dandy
As father knows best

Mother having the hand that rocks the cradle
Father as pillar of the home
As father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy

I’ll choose clothes that fit him
Among the choices to pare down
Everything will be fine and dandy
As father knows best

Accompanying him for his first haircut with the barber
And buying for his first pocket comb
As father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy

Accompany him to every breathtaking rides
Share the quiver and embrace to cool down
Everything will be fine and dandy
As father knows best

Learn the ropes and lend an ear
For life is epitome of adventuresome
As father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy.

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On Christmas Eve

23 December 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Silence occupied the room for so long
No signs of visitor to step on coming
Trying to entertain himself in craving
Of bygones and the future just like a throng

Shebang of party for a corporation
Another shanty is built for the hapless and poor
To prance inside malls to buy gifts and liquors
Some lull their little ones and enjoy the sound of the nearby occasion

Where some folks went house to house to do caroling
Street children do their own charm to get the pay of their talents
As the street they considered as their home from abandonment
A strain to other’s eyes but to God’s eyes they are for caring

Some are excited to receive new things from exchange gift
While others jazz up old belongings to make it looks like new
A mother holding her baby in her arms was cooing softly, while lying askew
In the muteness of the night, they both fell asleep and had gone adrift

Into a socialite community a lavish buffet, at which guests help themselves
In the remote areas scarcity in food, at which family members do share equally
With their flickering gas lamp, spend the night hanging around the house lackadaisically
While others are enjoying the spectacle of the brightness of Christmas tree at twelve

The whole night of Christmas eve was splendid to view
Alive and zest for a family with wealth
The whole night of Christmas eve that has dwelt
For the poor is a house frame suffused with cold dew

A portrait of the Holy Family on the first Christmas eve
Within that stable, baby Jesus was lying in a manger
A message of love, joy and peace be extended to every stranger
On Christmas eve, Jesus will visit every home and this is to believe.

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Icy Carpet

27 February 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Haiku Form)

Frozen waterfall
Weaving naked rocky hills
Roots grappled firmly

5th Place to Raul Moreno's Icy Cascade Contest
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Child's Cry

By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Haiku Form)

Listen to child’s cry
A calling for caressing
A daily bonding

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Glutinous Rice Cake

28 March 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

Just perfect to prepare on special occasion
Where bonding represents this kind of dessert
A tradition that passed through generation
Cooking this food is always a pert

Experienced to cook a mawkish sticky rice
Wherein body language is in rhythm with stirring
Endure the hardship of stirring using ladle as device
Each family member in alternately stirring to add a zing

Cook sticky rice with the pandan leaves
Mixing coconut milk and brown sugar in a hot caldron
Stir the mixture of rice and coconut milk until it cleaves
Share eating sticky rice cake with the family with blessing the whole year round.

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Evening Panorama

06 March 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

When the moon is intransigent to a gloomy cloud
Stars filching to stare the horizon
Sparkling luster luring across the sea
Lunged me to stroll along the seashore

Hear the wave’s commotion
Offshore to see slowly vanishing lamp light from a fisherman’s boat
Some nocturnal species tending to be gregarious
Envy of a fishwife for darkness captured her fisherman’s heart

Beside me is an old lighthouse
Pirouetting the pulchritude of the sea
Luminous as pathfinder for mariners
Showing panorama for such piscatorial area

World-weary, I indulged into stargazing
Starry-eyed that evening to the starlight
The visage of a departed loved ones
I yielded to cease being awake to the whooshing sea waves.

Honorable Mention in Laura McKenzie’s Beyond Nightfall Contest (3/20/2010)
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Sinner or Saint

11 December 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Kyrielle Form)

We all sin and we are sinners
We are saints upon God’s Grace, the Giver
The way of the cross, God and man entwine
To err is human, to forgive divine

Blind we are, and can’t see the truth
Pretender wins the trust of youth
A deaf to good news, unable to decline
To err is human, to forgive divine

Great mind leads us into the system
Worldwide, the weak flows to its streams
In the lowness of spirit, wrongful is enshrine
To err is human, to forgive divine

Saints we are, since purified, still a whiner
For Jesus did not come for the righteous, but sinners
We are sinners and saints and that shall remain
To err is human, to forgive divine.

7th place winner
"To Err Is Human to Forgive Divine" Contest
Sponsored by: Audrey Carey
Contest Judged: 1/8/2011
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Down The Edge

March 01, 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Diminished Hexaverse Form)

Monday, join work force
Tuesday, feel the prime
Wednesday, get worn
Thursday in wrangle
Friday, take a leave

Saturday fun
Up to midnight
Visit old friends
Go to downtown

For each day
Of worldly



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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Snug House

23 January 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

A snug house on the prairie
Where family members return and urge to nestle
Stoking intimacy has gone past timely reunion
During pluvial and winter season, it withstand

The pineal form of its roof
Where nestlings kept and fed by their mother bird
Also life-giving when getting sun-bathe its frame
A time to harmonize to the swing of season’s best

A place to revitalize strength after a snappy pace in work
Pointless and aimless views settled in one decision
As all are desolating and aging
A promise is kept for going back again

Hibernate in the coldness of the night
Return engagement to activities in daylight
Back and forth nailed its floor with footsteps
By sunrise everyone is gone, alone again standing is the snug house.

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Sonnet of Poetry

20 February 2010
By:Noel N. Villarosa
(Sonnet Form)

All my thoughts are craving in so gently
Whether sonnet, rhyming, it flows boldly
Picket line of words is so picturesque
Library for epic with its index

Decipherable to relate its soul
Premature to judge but adorable
Luminary to every season rest
A gateway in romance to impart its zest

By its time and expanse it is boundless
Residence for poet and poetess
Admiring lenient style in their write
Originality pouring no trite

Poetry my getaway and refuge
To rest on your lap is such a prestige

7th place to POETRY PANORAMA contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.
Contest Date: 12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM

The Connections

23 December 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Where are the pharaohs, the pharisees and the great philosophers
Of their times a holder of prominence, liberal interpreter and rational reasoning
For I am one who wishes to have a royal blood line and wisdom
I am one innocent and a blind to truth of the past

In every nook and cranny, there are begging, and the dying
Helpless, unable to crawl for a safe place to hide
Get entangled into the system and find hard to get out
I wish I am many to extend a helping hand to every poor soul

Sadness felt for many loss and failures in life
Happiness dwells for satisfactions and achievements received
Denials for wrongdoings and acceptance for great deeds
I am all in these faces captured in such circumstances

Where in this world of choices and chances
We hurdle to life’s barrier to get in the end line
Many have proved their guts brought them to glory
I am few who joined the race because I am a pacer.

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The Great Battleship

28 September 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

Once sailed as the lumbering hulks of the high seas
Fierce winds accompanied most of its expedition
Woozy and exhausted crews grappled the oars and crosstrees
With smoothbore and muzzle-loading guns geared up for a mission

The tall vertical spar supporting aloft the white canvas
Stretched out to catch the invisible strength of the wind
The ship’s keel watching the sea-bed at its vast
Emerged gradually from the water to meet enemy in lined

Whizzing salvo of the battle began off the island
Ships clashed and soldiers engaged into a fight
Dead bodies slammed and the injured crossed to near land
Hear leaves without figs crushed to the ground

Ship ahoy! Shouted by villagers as they waited eagerly
Slowly ship emerged with image of heavy wreckage
Wounded and exhausted crews embraced their family
Another saga of brave men printed in book’s page

As plaintive music now played on air
Tattoo beats called soldiers back to barracks
From bow to stern, ships respite from war
Is a short-lived fashion from majestic into rugs

For chieftains, captains and crews laid beneath the ocean
Their remains rested in their sunken ship as their grave
Great battleships are now a history and ordain
Shipwrecks underneath the sea untouched and remained a treasure
Let in children’s cry slowly clear the fogs of war
And hail farewell to brave men who once sailed with the great battleship of all times.

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The Pilgrimage

1 December 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Pantoum Form)

From young people of every nation
Will gather again to exalt
One faith in God for salvation
Inert spirit to offer salt

Will gather again to exalt
Jubilee of youth in pilgrimage
Inert spirit to offer salt
Of reaching hands, no blockage

Jubilee of youth in pilgrimage
To symbolize the living faith
Of reaching hands, no blockage
In horizon mingling with interfaith

To symbolize the living faith
Rainbow of races as covenant
In horizon mingling with interfaith
Song of praise resounding in rampant

Rainbow of races as covenant
One faith in God for salvation
Song of praise resounding in rampant
From young people of every nation.

Written by: Noel N. Villarosa
8th place in Paula Swanson's Pantoum Contest
Contest Date: 12/21/2010
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The Sea Rover

14 July 2010
By:Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

Moving sideways or careening
All hands hoay and avast ye
Sea dogs and landlubbers go on pillaging
Jolly roger is flapping guarded by cannon and artillery

Pistol, daggers and doubloon among things inside the sea-chest
Walk the plank if they caught you as offenders
Or heave to island and marooning them as helpless
Yo ho ho! and a bottle of rum as way of pirate’s laughter

As the ship rolled about on high seas
Plenty of cackle fruit to serve a salmagundi
A drink of grog or bumboo wobbled their sea legs
In tossing ship, proves them as scallywags

Blow me down! alerted by a cannon blast
The enemies have climbed on their jacob’s ladder
Black spot meet their way on to Tortuga’s vast
All hearty and brave soldiers have fallen to Davy Jone’s locker.

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Sonnet To My Wife Cecilia

20 February 2010
By: Noel N. Villalrosa
(Sonnet Form)

You are the essential part of my life
My awareness and pride striking hype
You are insignia of my existence
Interstellar in my reminiscence

In this world of choices and by chances
You hold my hands to hurdle in races
Always bargaining for my achievements
Through ups and downs, I run for confinement

We share each day, passion and offering
To Almighty God for brighter upbringing
Of our child to receive our guidance
And give us a pure strength and endurance

I thank God for blessing of you to me
My Cecilia, my wife and contemporary

2nd place winner: Poetrysoup.com
For Audrey Carey's Sentimental Love Letter Contest
Contest Date: 11/30/2010

Toy Train

15 December 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

I was at my age avid for adventure
Played outside home, street as my playground
Every nimiety of joy, I want to capture
Never ran out of game plan to lay down

At that time, robots are in the boom
Voltes V, Mazinger Z, and Daimos, among my favorites
But what most appealing for me to have in my playroom
Is a battery operated toy train with complete accessories

Christmas season is the best time to receive gifts
For a child like me, full of excitement and wishful
Life was hard before, wishful thinking somehow gone adrift
Somehow, someday under the Christmas tree, I’ll find it circling in full

Watch the tiny trains buzzing along the tracks
It’s a fun to place little trees and people in the scene
Reverberating rhythm of horn and its wheels click-clack
Passing by a miniature bridge, tunnels, forest so evergreen

Make up stories for the little people in the scene
Why there are there and what’s happening
Still fresh and playing wildly in my brain
I’ll make it happen on Christmas day with my son mingling.

6th place in "TOYLAND" contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.
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Christmas Wreath

19 December 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Acrostic Form)

C ircle band of lights indicating halo
H alo of hope to continue the whole year round
R ound in shape flows youthful spirit to ingest
I ngesting strong hold to never separate
S eparation comes when leaves fall and lights taken
T aken from ancestors to mundify
M undify a sagging spirit in a genial abask
A bask we get skylight kindling satisfaction
S atisfaction to be God’s creation in this world

W orld as a whole is the people in raceme
R aceme with flowers on stalks that entwine
E ntwine fresh wounds to heal and feel amorous
A morous display in every life’s threshold
T hreshold for welcoming visitors every hour
H ours countdown soon will be Christmas and New Year to share to everyone

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At The Other Side

20 July 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

Into the other side of the world, July is cold
Southern hemisphere relinquish magical winter time
Beautiful polar lights display in the sky as manifold
Of a dancing spirits doing a mime

An early desire to feel good tidings of great joy
To believe that Saint Nicholas will visit ahead of time
Excited to embellish the house with ploy
Christmas decors to ingest sharing as of prime

A time to celebrate a mimicked Christmas
From December been moved for this month
Announcing Christmas sale, we go shopping with adrenaline rush
A peak season also for skiing on snow field’s slant

Serve enticing foods in the table
Welcoming orange and marmalade roast
A honey and mustard glazed ham so palatable
A champagne and canapés proposing a toast.

7th place to: "CHRISTMAS" in July" (FOR MEN ONLY) Contest
Contest Date: 7/26/2010
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie Sweetheart of Poetry Soup
Posted in: Poetrysoup.com

Among The Creations

13 March 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Couplet Form)

I am blessed for being a God’s creation
Along with the grown up trees, I build my own foundation

And I whisper to the mighty wind
To bestow me a seed alike wunderkind

And in this soil, I will walk barefooted
That if barkus is willing, my heart is embed

I see many daybreaks and sunsets
Along flowers bloom and gaping at the night’s garnet

Luxuriate to the florid orchard
With jazzing up of the playing of harpsichord

I am falling between frustration and elation
Sighing out loud along the sea waves commotion

That in this world, I am not alone
I will thrive and shrivel among the other creations

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A Leap and Walk

27 February 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

His body that's like a limp vegetable
Unable to speak and can’t even crawl
His age maybe 3 or 4, I’m not sure
His worst condition they tried to inure

A single room upstairs facing big trees
Wind swayed the leaves as circadian circuitry
A half vertical block fixed at the doorstep
Unthinkable to pass through by a limp’s creep

One morning, the limp boy is left all alone
At a higher level with bounded zones
To leap on door block and stairs steps wide gap
A little chance to move through is a hap

Maybe a godsend or a grotesque sprite
A paramour of innocent feeble child
Who wants to show the outside world expanse
Or invite him to their kingdom to prance

My heedless passing by to their place
Forbade the unknown and left him at the foot of staircase
I run to him lying on the floor alright
I looked around but no one else at sight.

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Collector's Item

28 September 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

For some they keep it a collection
I kept mine as my recollection
They are holding a priceless item
I’m holding my loved ones’ memories as my gem

They traveled to far-flung places to buy the famous one
I went to upstairs’ attic to revive the beauty that was gone
Of my belongings where special moments keep holding
In all walks of my life become a daily bonding

For someone kept the painting of Monalisa
I have my family’s portrait as my memorabilia
For someone held the Beatles’ mono box set
I have my son’s first recorded recital of his alphabet

They’ve got the famous people’s autograph
I’m always reading my wife’s letter resting on my lap
It bears the years that would turn more invaluable
What I’ve got are moments still alive and tangible

They’re interested for it is rare, beautiful, and famous
I am for them for it is normal, affectionate and joyous
It will bring them to pedestal of society
I will be released from my anxiety

Time is holding their preciousness
Special moments keep us in oneness
By time and craftsmanship are their limitations
Inspiring memories and love, in time will grow a forever connection.

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Into The Wild

21 October 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

An arboreal wandering into the wild
Creeping in narrow-leaved green herbage
Afraid to be mashed by other wolverine in riled
Their safe abode is now in siege

The rampage and stampede make a harsh noise
Joining the rumble will stumble to near death
Swiftly moving away intend to make ploys
Taking hold of strength and a grasp of pure breath

Chasing the weak and hear piercing shriek of pains
The fauna now in vain attempt to meet and regroup from maze
A lurking prowler just outside ready to take his aim
A Carnivore’s rendezvous dealing another round of faze

Forays refrain them from regression
Marsupial bearing young is watchful and vigilant
For a hostile entry, a swift run from apprehension
Saving the younglings and safely back to taiga so verdant

With balsam fir’s magical warming in winter and cooling summer
Tall trees get blown over osiers, shrubs and miniature spruce
Hear the wind swayed the trees gently just like a hummer
A walk to wet spongy forest ground that have a soft carpet of moss

A truly look of life into the wild is precarious
Feeding from flesh and a quench from trickling stream
Some nocturnal species tending to be gregarious
To survive in this biome is a short-lived dream.

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Holiday Home - Outside My Home Country

20 November 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Kyrielle Form)

It’s been four years, away from my sweet home during Christmas day
Where I should share the family tradition at twelve and to cheer
To fix my webcam and headphone, and come what may
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

My wife and son displaying a warmth in their smile, reaching hands
With sluggish movements and static sound, trying to project it clear
At the peak of use of internet, bandwidth traffic, I tried to withstand
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

My wife with hand-held webcam tried to rotate to tour me inside
They have fixed old Christmas tree and angels as pendant for a bright nightwear
At the base, a glimpse of wrapped gifts with laces soon to be untied
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

I can hear voices of children doing their caroling
Barking dogs seem would like to join as their backup singer
My wife whispered to my son, ‘please give these coins as a sign for thanking’
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

The threshold of a doorway, visitors do come and bringing gifts
The elders incite parlor games with special gifts and cash to stir
Only happened after family went to a midnight mass for spiritual uplift
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

A portrait of the Holy Family on the first Christmas eve
Within that stable, baby Jesus was lying in a manger
On Christmas eve, Jesus will visit every home and this is to believe
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

5TH place in "HOLIDAY HOME" contest
Contest Date: 12/16/2010
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Night Shift Worker

26 August 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa

At sunset is the beginning of our day
Darkness embraces our peevish spirit
Flashing neon signs bring us in esprit
We are mindful for making a living

Danger awaits us anytime
But this is where my feet is destined to go
Where the crime took place, I need to be there on time
My pen and camera come along to tell stories awhile ago

Steady and careful hands are attentive to ailing one
Life and death situation, I presumed life will always prevail
My job demands accuracy, for mistakes will hound my wisdom
Nursing to sustain a losing life will not fail

Eager to go to the heart of the sea
While the full moon beams into the deep
My fishnet awaits patiently for a catch
For early in the morning, I bring meals to a family

I need to be tough in any situation
Unwelcome visitors alert my action
To guard premises and valuables stay untouched
By greedy creatures harmful to serenity of the place

As soon as the sunrise my day ends
Daylight warms my weary eyes and body bends
Down the hills and street I rushed
Only to keep the promise, to come home for my family I must.

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My Time

29 November 2010

My Time
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Time is laid upon me
To nourish by virtue and unspoiled
Choose from a road – concrete or soiled
Learn the ropes from every tempting epitome

Chasing time or run out of time
Precisely or faulty, I succumbed to pressure
From naïve unsteady step to a walk in paseo of adventure
Hustle and bustle of the big city, daytime ‘til nighttime

I maybe at the halfway of my life, for another part, I pray
For life is ephemeral, newborn will exist, like cycle of seasons
Recurring and invigorating promise, to exist for a reason
Rhythm in time, but in life, we skip and leap to purvey

So I am here, tired and tried
Able to catch up the time, ready to convey succession
Of endless chain of human chronicle collection
In my end time, I may say, I chased life with pride

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My Son

November 9, 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Your mother’s excitement upon knowing you will be borne
After seven years of waiting, now we are blessed
A herald from heaven whispered a message on that morn
That someone will come to complete our hope chest

You came to our life in a miracle way
In reciting novena, together we pray
Now you are here, every moment a grandeur day
Your smile comfort us in the hike to the top or at brae

His young effervescent mind bring us to his world
And to play with him the blameless game
Of all times the folded play mats is now unfurled
To acclaim the winner of the one who’s got my name

7th place in the "ONE in a MILLION" Contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.
Contest Date: 11/30/2010 12:00:00 AM
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Morning Summons

15 February 2010
Morning Summons
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Haiku Poem)

God’s morning summons
Placid sea and dawning sun
A walk in the sand

5th Place in Raul Moreno's contest and photo "Seascapes"

Just Like Father

By:Noel N. Villarosa
01 March 2011

Just Like Father

For every single day you’ve watched me
Remember how’d I express my thoughts
My feelings you would express as yours
Daily routine, together we stumbled to practice

In your humming, I fondly put words and we sing
In your asking, I become a learner and perceiver
In being inquisitive, I should rationalize
To prove certain things, you would not understand by now

We go on same haircut as always the crew cut
We paired off dresses in every outdoor moment
Have the same craving in foods and things to do
Like spider web, hanging out, interweaving close ties

“Just like Father,” words come out from your lips
I am proud to hear this coming from you
“Just like Father,” means you want to be like me
You are my son and only true admirer
I wish I could give you the best of me

You are my little hero
Wakes me up, when I fell into uneasy sleep
You are my little angel
Guard me through the walk in the darkest pathway
You’re my son and only true resemblance

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ice Floe

Ice Floe
By: Noel N. Villarosa

The glacial epoch is now part of history
The spectacle of glacier widely seen in the Arctic
A habitat for Arctic mammals and where the trees end
This is the land of the midnight sun

A huge mass of glacier is shrinking
Detached to become an iceberg
And now melting into chunks of ice floe
Resembling a broken and frozen waterfall

Steller’s Sea-eagle flying over sea
Do watch the Inuit hunter stranded on high cliff
The orcas graceful dive into the deep
And the flickering of an iceblink

Extremely cold slowly subsiding by this global warming
Shrinking Arctic ice and rising the sea levels
Can there be another aurora borealis to glow in many colors
While the last polar bear clinging to the top of the last piece of ice floe

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Dream Of Sailing

Dream of Sailing
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Never sailed on a three-masted sailboat
Where it bustles to find a smooth wave
Where the wind is its engine
And heels above at the wave’s commotion

Feel the quiver of disappearing in a trough
Then mightily emerging to open water
To stand atop the mast
And feels the strong wind to drown my breath

It fills me with gobsmacked
To sail past on the Seine river
Or ride to a replica of Argo
And sails in the famous canal of Athens

To smell the ocean mist
To rein in the wind for propulsion
And touch the boat sails as it moved downwind
Hear the recoil of bow wave along the hull

The beauty and grandeur of a sailboat
Only to picture, my dream is outlined
The anchor never lifted, the mast never stretched
Only message in the bottle, keeps floating on bluewater with my dream of sailing

Honorable Mention to Carol Brown’s Contest: If My Dream Could Come True (3/18/2010)

A Happy Cancer

A Happy Cancer
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Sadness invades a glowing life
Agitation of what comes next after the fact
The beginning of all ends in cancer’s strife
Life to death, we fear of the day to be exact.

But there are chances to replace the peril
To yield oneself to the power of God’s glory
We live each day to the fate of going until
Hiatus for sometime and serve the hospice as another journey.

A chance to mingle with relatives and friends
And share happy moments to tide over hardship
A chance to smile and express the beauty at its ends
And show positive outlook to thwart phantom of death.

A chance to join the crusade to search for the cure
To talk and comfort other cancer patients
Bring back juvenile act to escape discomposure
And live with someone by your side to listen.

Don’t wait but give a fight to survive
There is treatment by enduring chemotherapy
Or take the chance of trying other alternatives
Rather than living in the shadow of sympathy.

Travel to places to meet your pleasure
Explore and challenge oneself to new horizon
That will give you space for new treasure
To prove your will that you can still join the marathon.

Be inspired by the testimony of others
That there’s a chance to alter gloomy to glory
And if by heart, they live to stay another year
Let them be called not a survivors, but a cancer conquerors
In their smile we can see the triumph by winning each day
A happy cancer.

A Breakaway

22 June 2010

A Breakaway
By: Noel N. Villarosa

For mankind has the power to think big
History puts them in the pedestal of their career
Aimless drifting until fatally engaged into drilling rig
Raised a surface at the heart of the sea to exploit oil on its frontier

Oil wells at the deepest sea-bed formed million years ago
Also a marine habitat that proliferate at the cold bottom
Rendezvous for waterfowl and aquatic mammals arrived apropos
To add spectacle to the blue water, as accustomed

The fresh water flowing in a cascade of sparks
The sea free access to an ocean while some in landlocked
Life on Earth comes in the seas and we proceed to embark
As ocean currents supply the heat energy round the clock

Many ritually unclean substances are passing into oceans
Adulterating the purity of water in its freshness
Oil spills from off-shore and tanker spread discoloration
Suffocating marine life and ingesting illness

Chronicling ecological cycle literally affect food chain
Stripping resistant from their organic structure and suffer
From the toxins of oil spill prevents water replenishment
Coating aquatic surface with stain holding tougher

A closer look are dying birds and aquatic mammals
Leaving a baleful mark on the waterways
Cleaning up the breakdown oil is costly and fatal
That I may see no more escalating sense of bad omen into the ocean’s forays

13th place winner to:
7/4/2010 Sponsored by: Team PoetrySoup

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Save Money for the Future

By: Noel N. Villarosa
12 July 2011
As Featured On EzineArticles

There are many factors around that prevent us from saving a substantial sum of money, allotted on a regular basis, usually for some specific purpose only, our focus is only for a few things that bother our daily lives: Food, shelter, dress and other materials to keep us going. Here are a handful of tips based on experience that you can try or add improvements.

Resistance. What our eyes see are innocuous in physical appearance but disturbing in our thinking on how to resist in buying, especially if we are holding a certain amount of money. Prove to yourself that you have self-control and that buying it is unnecessary if you make it a habit, the indulgence to buy will turn into a pure care and moderation.

Avoid Comparing. Admittedly, we are painfully desirous of another's advantages, we tried to compare what we have to others. If this will always be our prevailing attitude, we will end up in an unhealthy race of buying our surplus and left us bankrupt without saving any cents. Just be contented of what you are earning and what you can buy from your hard-earned money.

Be Frugal. We are hurt being told of being thrifty, sparing left over to extend another day. There is nothing wrong from being frugal because you're just being wise and economical in spending your money. It is healthy and a proud undertaking that you have able to keep some of your earnings without putting your health at risk. Medicines have generics which you could prefer to buy or sometimes in our own backyard are herbs of equal dosage. Recycle leftover foods that you might discover another recipe to be served on your table. Eat simple and healthy foods if you can, it works for your health and a stout pocket by your side.

Be Selective. We live in a world of many choices and we need to select and paired it down to the best. Even in buying items, we need to buy high-quality items at very affordable prices. Buy only essential things. Be practical in spending your money. Safeguarding the importance of your hard-earned money is safeguarding your hard work and effort. Start disciplining in buying things. Just be creative at spending in your own leisure time.

Scheduling. Always invest in time, what I mean is to make a plan in everything, from the needs of going out for buying foods, that it will be practical for a bulk buying on payday to avoid frequent travels and cutting transportation cost or fuel consumption on your end. Make it a habit to buy some foods or items in the local markets which are only a walking distance from home, you will not only enjoy the neighborhood's greetings as you pass by, but you invest also in your own time of physical fitness by walking.

Putting Aside. We have so many bills to pay and we don't want to be short in our budget when all dues come to place, sometimes there are unexpected expenses that we have to shoulder from time to time and the best strategy to avoid this is to have an envelope or anything that will serve as a holder of your extra earned money for a day or on payday and to keep it there for a while until the next payment of bills, for this you will have peace of mind and worry-free from any shortcomings.

Getting Extra Income. Nowadays, you need to know your hidden talent or skills that will give you an extra income. If you need to learn other skills, all you need to do is to get a free online tutorial or from any company who is willing to mold your skills and learning new skills will help you in earning and deal with money challenged life.

Investing. There are many banks accepting any small amount that could return an interest. Investing in a stock market if you have the guts to go along with its flow of trends, if not, ask an expert to help you. Change the practice of dropping your money into the piggy bank, it will not grow. Put your money in a well-stabilized bank that returns good interest rates and your future would be in good hands.

A Dance Of Life

By: Noel N. Villarosa
11 July 2011

Maybe a ritual dance, or simply a hobby to go with the music and to deeply incorporate your body to the beat and melody is a behavior that you are juxtaposing strong inflections from a normal course to a particular sense as conceived by the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back to a prevailing psychological state of happiness and admiration.

Any form of dance has the power to interpret life, a graceful move or the captivating leaps and bounds will surely bring a joyful interaction and considered as an entertaining way to remain fit. A stranger into the dance floor, a simple rhythmical stamping step, or just a swaying head and circular movements by the hips with a shimmy for the shoulders will serve to conceal your identity for being an outward semblance of your own personality.

An innocent dance will be entertaining for those who believe that you still have more to show but keeping it to be more exciting. A showy dance attracts those censorious eyes and making them feel the desire for you. The professional dance will remain to be upbeat and in control to move you in your insensible condition.

Literally, we dance to the music of our lives, we know the ups and downs, the vigor and lividness of our lives and there goes the right accompaniment of the so-called movements.

From childhood days, some learned how to Ballet dance, to have a formal look, one has to be strong in standing en pointe of the toe (which is very difficult), a test for endurance to withstand hardships in life.

In marriage, it takes two to tango and the husband has to give the lead role in every undertaking over his wife. The wife acquaints herself to her role to make the routine dance of life to look even more fascinating to family members and to their friends. We Waltz to dance in the slowness beats in our lives and is an equally beautiful dance, most attractive and rhythmic styles ever for a husband and wife. We Foxtrot to become flexible during the slow and fast movements of our lives as we go to our social performance.

Usually, we dance Salsa in a very amorous way and we are signaling this to our partner, the footwork is similar to Rumba and involves a lot of rapid transition in our lives when transferring the weight of all the trials in life from one foot to the other. We are doing the quick to slow steps and may vary upon age, but in constant practice, it will be more exciting to dance the Salsa of our lives. We have to move forward and backward and the woman has to faithfully depict a man’s role, just in case, she will continue his role when times come. We certainly cannot miss the Cha Cha beat in any occasion of our lives. Wherein the two slow beats represent the getting to know each other with the decision if we want to pursue it and the three quick ones which represent the decision to accept him/her into our lives and to move side to side and towards with your partner. The couples can twiddle to the tune of their love song. We have danced the Rumba in many occasions of our lives where the man generally taking on an aggressive attitude and the woman always being on the defensive of their relationship. While in Merengue dance requires the partners to be always closer together through thick and thin. Their steps will take them to the right path of life.

We have Swing dance and do the Boogie Woogie with our partner during fruition of all our efforts. Breakdancing gets also into our lives which actually bring us to journey off the street to compete and show our competence from exhibiting lifestyles and up to making decisions.

Up to this modern times, a different and unusual dance steps that we have to introduce, putting all our emotions and moods with our bare feet, we execute our final dance with a hope that it will convey an interesting and unusual dance sequences of our lives.

Life Has All Been A Challenge

By: Noel N. Villarosa
July 6, 2011

From the moment of our birth, we have already gone into a competition called “spermatozoon race.” A life is formed by the union of a male and female gamete known as a zygote, while the cell formed by the union of egg and sperm is called the oosperm. Usually, when one spermatozoon has entered an egg cell all others are barred from entering, acclaiming the winner that is the strongest, fastest swimmers with the full authority to fertilize the egg. (Facts and Factor of Development by Prof. Edwin Conklin, June 1914).

Our first cries are a sign that we entered this world and that cries intensified as we got free air bespeaking of hope and expectations that we will survive the challenges in life. In a Christian life, a child is baptized to obey God’s word and some believed that after the ceremonies, the one holding the child must accomplish rapidly and without delay in reaching the church door’s way out in a belief that the child will be prominently first in all aspects of life.

First step in school is another challenge that most have tried, a fear for the first time you will be separated for a while with your mother, a fear for your teacher’s strict behaviour and for your peers, some are unfortunate to enter because their parents did not compete well to land a good paying job. For the lucky ones who manage to enter, struggle for another challenge to learn and climb up a ladder to reach a baccalaureate degree that will open a new world of challenge.

After leaving the portals of your alma mater, another journey has to come to make it more challenging --the workforce, one has to start molding his/her skills by accepting a lower position because no freshly hired will get special treatment. All bigger views need to start from a single dot interweaving into another dots making traces to form something. We have heard many success stories and some a learning experiences that serve as a guide for others. Others played the cheater’s role in performing their tasks to skip and climb up the ladder so quickly, stepping and hurting others at the bottom only to gain their superior’s trust. For the slow learners in their dedication and perseverance are their assurance that they will stay longer in the company and long years of serving and waiting will get a chance to be promoted. While the leeches strikingly get noticed at once and rise up to a much higher position in the company. We’ve been playing in our entire lives, we laughed and cried, lost and found its way again and still we deal with another challenge to face.

If we feel we have already build a foundation, now comes the turning point in our lives to separate to our parents and settle for good to have a family of our own. As life has many provocations, we are stirred to make an action. Some come from encouragement and others from our own decision. We observed, listened, and weighed everything but justification fell short and ended up in asking again. We worked to earn a living for our family and to build a foundation so strong that could support next generation of our family, these are practices that are handed down from the past by tradition. We communicated with people to meet a purpose and we are praying to God to guide us in our trials in life and to bless us an abundant life.

We are blessed by the resources which we are using in our everyday life and some are unaware of the damages they are inflicting to mother earth, since science deals challenges and wants to prove something, the bad circumstances get into our own dear life to pay for it. Life has all been a challenge from conception and into the real world.