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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Into The Wild

21 October 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

An arboreal wandering into the wild
Creeping in narrow-leaved green herbage
Afraid to be mashed by other wolverine in riled
Their safe abode is now in siege

The rampage and stampede make a harsh noise
Joining the rumble will stumble to near death
Swiftly moving away intend to make ploys
Taking hold of strength and a grasp of pure breath

Chasing the weak and hear piercing shriek of pains
The fauna now in vain attempt to meet and regroup from maze
A lurking prowler just outside ready to take his aim
A Carnivore’s rendezvous dealing another round of faze

Forays refrain them from regression
Marsupial bearing young is watchful and vigilant
For a hostile entry, a swift run from apprehension
Saving the younglings and safely back to taiga so verdant

With balsam fir’s magical warming in winter and cooling summer
Tall trees get blown over osiers, shrubs and miniature spruce
Hear the wind swayed the trees gently just like a hummer
A walk to wet spongy forest ground that have a soft carpet of moss

A truly look of life into the wild is precarious
Feeding from flesh and a quench from trickling stream
Some nocturnal species tending to be gregarious
To survive in this biome is a short-lived dream.

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