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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At The Other Side

20 July 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa
(Rhyme Form)

Into the other side of the world, July is cold
Southern hemisphere relinquish magical winter time
Beautiful polar lights display in the sky as manifold
Of a dancing spirits doing a mime

An early desire to feel good tidings of great joy
To believe that Saint Nicholas will visit ahead of time
Excited to embellish the house with a ploy
Christmas decors to ingest sharing as of prime

A time to celebrate a mimicked Christmas
From December been moved for this month
Announcing Christmas sale, we go shopping with an adrenaline rush
A peak season also for skiing on snow field’s slant

Serve enticing foods in the table
Welcoming orange and marmalade roast
A honey and mustard glazed ham so palatable
A champagne and canap├ęs proposing a toast.

7th place to "CHRISTMAS" in July" (FOR MEN ONLY) Contest
Contest Date: 7/26/2010
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie Sweetheart of Poetry Soup
Posted in: Poetrysoup.com

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