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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Kingdom of Words and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)

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The Kingdom of Words and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
29 June 2014

Once there were five friends namely: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk who thought of being smarter than everyone else. An old folk on their village once told a story about a place where no one has gone before, and this place called the Kingdom of Words where one should solve a word puzzle before a fairy grandmother would let a stranger go.

One day while the five friends were playing in the garden, they found a lost word “Come” running around aimlessly in the garden, the five children were surprised to see a word that has come alive and they were wondering where it came from. The word “Come” rested on Pio’s shoulder and whispering to Pio, “I am Come, I want you and your friend to help me find my way back to the Kingdom of Words.” Malka was thinking how could it talk and where this amazing skills it had was coming from. “We would like to help you but you must remember where was the last location you got lost?” asked by JD. Joakim almost toppled of what he just saw. Incredible Hulk still shocked shook his head. “Alright my little friend, we will help you to find your way back into the Kingdom,” said by Pio.

The five friends and their little friend “Come” followed the trail where exactly it had passed through, and at the end of the road, they found a big old oak tree with a big opening on its trunk, they entered the hole and it was not just an entrance but what they saw was a grandeur bright Kingdom where you could see many words who were stomping, jumping, walking, hiding, and running.

Malka remembered what the old folk’s story about the Kingdom of Words where no one could get out unless he/she solved a word puzzle. “This could be the Kingdom of Words,” said by Joakim.

Then from a wagon made of words, seated was the fairy grandmother holding a book of puzzle where one should solve. The fairy grandmother with just a flick of her wrist and wave of her fairy hand opened up the book and all the words bulged out to float on air. The fairy grandmother explained, “Some words have a missing letter and it is somewhere hiding which you need to find, five words you need to complete to solve the puzzle that will be your key to getting out of this place.” “If you completed a word, it will lead you to a clue for the way out of here.” “Here are the five words you needed to solve,” continued by fairy grandmother.

_OPE                                                                           M                   L

             BA_BOO                                                           R               T

_ORCH                                                                                   P

           O _EN

“These five words will help you find the way out, only you need to fill the missing letter which was somewhere hiding, each must help each other to solve the problem and find the missing letter, once you completed the five mystery words, and you will be able to come out from here,” Said by fairy grandmother.

Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk seated around to make a brainstorming to solve the puzzle. Pio explained, “I could see an opening from up there, but the problem is we don’t have anything to climb up there, only these five words are our tools, I think the first word is ROPE,” “Yes indeed, you are right Pio,” said by Malka. “I think the second word is BAMBOO,” pointed out by Malka. “The third word is TORCH,” said by JD. “The fourth word is FLY,” shouted by Joakim. “The last word is OPEN?,” asked by Incredible Hulk. “Yes we are all correct, we needed a rope to tie those bamboos, a torch to light our way into that dark cave, to say the magic word OPEN to unlock the door, and finally we cling to the word FLY to put us safely down into the ground,” Explained by Pio. Then the five friends looked for the missing letter. Pio found the hiding letter “R” just behind the big rock and he put it to the word OPE to read as ROPE, Malka grabbed the hiding letter “M” under the water and she put it to the word BA_BOO to read as BAMBOO, JD ran after the letter “T” and grabbed it to put into the word ORCH to be read as TORCH, Joakim jumped over the letter “O” and put it to the word PEN to complete it as OPEN, and finally Incredible Hulk chased the letter “L” and grabbed it with his mouth and to put it into the word F_Y to complete it as FLY. The five children excitedly put all the captured letters to join to the incomplete words, they excitedly helped each other to finish the tasks: to tie with rope all the bamboos around to make a ladder for climbing up on the top of the cave, to light a torch to show the way, bringing the word OPEN to say it in front of a shut door, and to cling to the word FLY to bring them down safely to the ground. Below the ground, the fairy grandmother was waiting for the five children, and upon they were lowered down by FLY, the fairy grandmother handed over to Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk the book of the puzzle. “This book of the puzzle, I will give it to you as your reward, this will help you in your everyday life struggle to find solutions to your problems and worries,” said by fairy grandmother. The five children went home bringing the book of the puzzle. THE END.