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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Arrogant Man (Short Story for Children)

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/graffiti-hard-arrogant-wall-53819/

The Arrogant Man (Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
29 November 2016

There lived a man named Nadham, a well-respected elder in their village. He was known to be intelligent but arrogant in dealing with his neighborhood. Many times he would ridicule low profile and slow learner person in a manner to have others looked at him with high respect at all times.

Nadham’s voice will always resound like a mighty echo to be heard by other people around and that was what he wanted to create. He was a tyrant to be feared by his subordinates. There were no times that you would hear him talked in a gentle soft voice. That made everyone in the village talked about his ill-mannered behavior; nobody wants to talk to him being scared to be ridiculed in front of others.

The village was perfectly situated in the middle of big mountains. One morning while everyone was preparing to start their usual day routine, Nadham went out of his house and was looking for a person to be ridiculed, but everyone seems to avoid him, nobody was paying attention to his presence, and everybody just walked and went past on him. Nadham got very angry and made his loudest scream, “Why nobody wants to talk to me!” His voice echoed into the surrounding mountains and into every terrain. But his voice resounded all alone, only echoed his mocking shout, and reverberated back into his ears. At that moment, it played back in his mind, all the bad habits he has done in the past, and like a lightning bolt, pain struck his heart on what that echo has told him. That a ridiculing shout would only be reverting an empty shout that had put him in a witless situation if everybody will just ignore it.

Now deep inside Nadham’s heart was a lesson to be learned that not all the times you will prevail in an insulting shout. Sometimes in quiet times, a humiliating voice will find a way to ridicule you in a situation far from your expectation.

From then on, Nadham has changed from being dominant into a polite person. He then mastered talking in a soft voice and will always ask if he had said hurting words and would ask forgiveness.  The End.