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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Paradigm of Life

Paradigm of Life
By: Noel N. Villarosa
15 June 2016

Until breath proves on how
Our unwavering care will support
Family ties run deep, dedication avowed
No step will bring us back to a path trodden apart

By looking at all the tall trees
A feeling we surmount big challenges
Who sees dawn to dusk, divining in the breeze
We are left with someone’s life to salvage

The cavern carved by the sea has chambers
Branching off the main pathway to follow
There are easy and hard trails to remember
As body pressed down being sleepy and mellow
We come out to view the other side
Of the foyer, we entered and tried to assess
Pleasures and sorrows that set smudge our pride
Trusting to succeed every hurdle that comes to mess

Selflessly giving life at one’s advantage
Like trees maintain sap to sustain its system
Breathe reminding heart to beat as their language
Keeping these rhythms as a way to listen

We kept a place where outcry couldn’t be heard
In our mortal dreams, we color it to become immortal
But life is not forever and that is our reward
On bated breath leading to heaven’s portal

As day and night crossed into our lives
Early morning smiles on the warm season
As evening rest fading as the sun arrives
In glimmering moment, we thank life for all the reasons

One cannot live without the other
Yet others cannot exist at the same time
In every sunrise and sunset, we discover
Reaching a sublime last breath became a paradigm

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