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Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Christmas Means to Me

What Christmas Means to Me
By: Noel N. Villarosa
December 17, 2015

The same feeling as I was a child
It does not change, what I believe
Christmas spirit felt and beguiled
At Christmas, we welcome being naïve

It is setting aside worries for the meantime
Look around and you’ll care for other’s needs
For this time, kids are caroling instead of nursery rhyme
A long break from work and school will succeed

Some would say won’t have celebration this year
As someone is gone to heaven bringing holiday blues
As this season means family reunion to endear
Have yourself emerged, you have to choose

Finding happiness in the simplest ways
The world has become more entertaining to view
Lantern watching and carnival visit to satisfy sullen days
After jaunting, visit movie houses to watch something new

It is time to be thankful for year-round blessings
It may not be a good year for you, but for others, it is
It is a worry-free, at heart-peace is worth possessing
Presence of loved ones doing old stuff that you miss

As here we are in modern days, we stick to old tradition
Gather around old photo albums and walk through golden days
Reconnecting is the best time, call by phone or write admission
Forgiveness is a key in healing; reach out as time fades and decays

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Diary of a Butterfly

My Diary of a Butterfly
By: Noel N. Villarosa
December 14, 2015

Oh, butterfly what have you done?
Many brawny men are attracted to your charm
You’re a kaleidoscope powered by the sun
Your gossamer wings banded my upper arm

Known to have a short but amazing life
Destiny is fulfilled in your own little way
Your graceful visit for flowers is rife
You’re my eyes to follow flowers in misty display

You colored my lonely days, guided while I groped
Into the brilliant test made by nature’s quest
Manmade beauty defies nature’s rays of hope
You foiled many of their conquests, I found rest

Your hovering traces a place to ponder
Securing the lonely scenery, offering peace
Your flight brings time playing with senses that wonders
What’s really out there, my yearning will increase

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Son’s Poem for His Father

                     Gerd Altmann from Freiburg, Deutschland

A Son’s Poem for His Father
By: Noel N. Villarosa
November 18, 2015

A father-son reflection in the mirror
A father’s guide that relieves me from any error
Your hand will be remembered touching the image of my soul
Sure you will watch over me with your true love control

A mirror does not lie, for every breath and sigh
Our image will be a silent observer of what we dignify
We are both a light being forming the illusion
We are made to believe of convergent evolution

When I looked into the mirror, I saw myself into you
Small and big dreams came into view
Having everything in its proper place
I am dwelling in you, it is hard to unlace

The same lifestyle that we both fashioned
It is the impression of a desire for love’s passion
Your face had no envy to hide, you’re always true
That made me whisper, “I am you”

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A Son’s Poem for His Father (A short story for children)

                  Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/melindarmacaronikidcom-760098/

A Son’s Poem for His Father (A short story for children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
November 18, 2015

A father has been living afar for so many years, leaving behind his wife and only son. The father was working abroad and only got a vacation once a year.

The father and son would usually fill the distance of being apart through video call in the internet. They made the internet as their virtual world, connecting to live like having a normal life back home, telling each other what has transpired during the day and showing any new in their possessions. Never, they have dull moments when talking online, they both see to it that they have their smile to pause during end calls.

They both spent leisure talks by sharing funny stories, did you know that, answering riddles, and telling about myths and legends. The son was so impressed to talk about these things. In return, the son would also share his own stories and they will both laugh as if the distance is not an issue.

On a cool breeze when everyone’s choice to get back to their homeland during the month of December, is just the right time that family get together and embrace the yuletide season with family and friends.

The father decided to go on vacation during this period because he promised to his son to be there on Christmas time. He promised to bond to his son and make it a memorable one.

Finally, both the father and son once again reunited. One day inside the room, the father was writing a poem, never in his mind that his son would be eager to ask how he could write his own poem. Father was so happy to hear his son asked. Immediately, the father has led his son in front of the mirror and both of them sat, reflecting on their own image at the mirror. The father told to his son that to write a poem was to think of a good title of a poem and pointing to the mirror, he asked, “What do you see in the mirror?” The son replied, “I see you and myself.” The father said, “Since that is what you see, maybe a good title for your first poem will be a father and son reflection.”

The son excitedly wrote on his paper the title: A Father and Son Reflection. The father eager to guide his son to write his first poem told him, “Now think of anything you want to tell about that image you saw in the mirror, write your first stanza and if you want you could put rhyming at the end of each line.”

The first thing that came to his son’s mind was to write this: “A father-son reflection in the mirror.” The father told to his son to continue writing the second line and this time to think of a word that would rhyme with the word mirror. The son contemplated for a while and he thought of rhyming it with the word error. So the son wrote in the second line: “A father’s guide that relieves me from any error.” Then he picked up his father’s hand and laid it upon the mirror while putting his right hand too upon the mirror. Then he wrote, “Your hand will be remembered touching the image of my soul,” “Sure you will watch over me with your true love control.” The father was mesmerized by the chosen words of his son. “It was really splendid, my son,” said by the father, as he touched his son’s forehead. “Now continue writing for the second stanza of the poem, you are just doing fine,” said by the father.

The son looking back at the mirror tried to contemplate what the image was telling him. He continued writing, “A mirror does not lie, for every breath and sigh,” “Our image will be a silent observer of what we dignify,” “We are both a light being forming the illusion,” “We are made to believe of convergent evolution.”

“When I looked into the mirror, I saw myself into you,” “Small and big dreams came into view,” “Having everything in its proper place,” “I am dwelling in you, it is hard to unlace.”

The father was speechless for the beautiful words rendered. He told to his son to continue one more stanza and it will be the last part. The son continued to thrive in writing. “The same lifestyle that we both fashioned,” “It is the impression of a desire for love’s passion,” “Your face had no envy to hide, you’re always true” “That made me whisper, I am you.” The son retelling what he just wrote, excitedly expressed contentment on his accomplishment, and loudly recited it for his father to listen. The father with tears in his eyes embraced his son and told him, “I am proud of you son. I want to make it sure that our reflection in the mirror is not only our light being but to be our guiding window to where our beliefs will take us into.” Below is the poem of the son for his father. THE END.

A Father and Son Reflection

A father-son reflection in the mirror
A father’s guide that relieves me from any error
Your hand will be remembered touching the image of my soul
Sure you will watch over me with your true love control

A mirror does not lie, for every breath and sigh
Our image will be a silent observer of what we dignify
We are both a light being forming the illusion
We are made to believe of convergent evolution

When I looked into the mirror, I saw myself into you
Small and big dreams came into view
Having everything in its proper place
I am dwelling in you, it is hard to unlace

The same lifestyle that we both fashioned
It is the impression of a desire for love’s passion
Your face had no envy to hide, you’re always true
That made me whisper, “I am you”

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Image in the Mirror

                                       Ralf Unstet (Age 56) from Kandel, Germany

Image in the Mirror
By: Noel N. Villarosa
November 12, 2015

If you want a real talk with someone
Face the mirror to stare at yourself
You see yourself more alone than anyone
His conversation you always put on the shelf

Oftentimes we need to face ourselves in the mirror
We need to connect to the feelings of our own image
Feel deep inside your personality, calling you to come near
The challenge is how to fix your image at the line of scrimmage

We cannot look directly at our own image
For it bears many lives who took part with
The awareness of who put you in the wreckage
Walking with no boundaries; it’s always in your wit

For it will not be you, you will be seeing in the mirror
It will be love, respect, and control staring back at you
On what does it mean is pointing into your own error
It is not your image but other’s image reflection you knew

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Image in the Mirror (A poem by my 8-year old son)

                        Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/glass-ball-mirroring-739527/

                             Bennimax (Dagmar Räder (Age 50) from Wien, Österreich)

Image in the Mirror
Written by: Pio Noel Villarosa
November 12, 2015

When I stepped in front of the mirror
I saw myself staring back at me and to the door
I raised my hand and say “hi”
And then it's lunch time and bid goodbye

While brushing my teeth, I looked again at the mirror
Preparing to go to bed, praying not to dream of any horror
I read my book and grab my sketchbook
And afterwards, I hang it on a hook

I went to pray with the cross
And even putting a red rose
I looked back at the mirror
Image is blurred; sleepy as it appears

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pio Noel and the Ginger Dragon

                                Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/lizard-skin-wings-fly-dragon-213679/

Pio Noel and the Ginger Dragon (Fictional Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
November 8, 2015

On a planet not known to humans, not ever landed by human’s space shuttle, not even near-missed hit by a patrolling space satellite, was a planet where dragons lived called “Wodip” Thus, whenever the sun deviates backward at a rate of one degree, our planet was crossing the galactic level where on its north-south axis will be pointing to the planet of Wodip, for it wobbles during this time, what we could see was a light emission from the Wodip planet. Old folks who actually witnessed this light emission was believed to be the light tunnel where dragons passed through to enter planet Earth.  These dragons have visited our earth, lived a thousand years, and they have one purpose in visiting our planet Earth, just to loot our precious stones and bring it back to their planet.

Dragons on planet Wodip have three colonies: The blue, red, and green dragons. The red dragons were the fire breather, the blue dragons were the electric currents breather, and the green dragons were the chemiluminescence breather. It was not magical, but there was a scientific explanation on how did dragons emit their type of breath. Whenever a red dragon digests its food, it created a gas; this gas was stored in another kind of chamber, and which later mixed with another substance that has the capability to ignite a fire at the contact of air. While the blue dragons have a different scientific explanation on how they breathe electric currents. The nervous system has the capacity to produce electricity on its cells; nucleus decides when to release the electric organ. When the signal compelled it, an array of nerves mobilizes the thousands of cells to activate immediately. Each cell behaves like a battery carrying negative and positive charges. The green dragons, on the other hand, emit chemiluminescence of a greenish glow when elemental phosphorus was exposed to damp air.

All these dragons for a longer period of time have been rivals in maintaining their good position in their society. Whoever got the more gems on their possession will become more powerful. The Wodip planet was a cold place and in order to survive the harsh weather, dragons need to gather more gemstone to warm their place in order to survive. The irradiation coming from these gemstone are producing ultraviolet light which is present in sunlight; gemstone colors are so rich with ultraviolet radiation, and gamma rays which the Wodip planet needed to fuel or warm their place.

The red dragons were so preemptive to disable dragons, not of their kind; they were stealing all the gems with the other dragons, thus preventing the blue and green dragons to survive. Before all of their own kind slowly disappears, the leader of the green dragons decided to send their new hatchlings into planet Earth through the light tunnel being opened as when the sun deviates backwards, letting planet Wodip be directly aligned to planet Earth sending this light tunnel to be their only escape route from the red dragons. Among the few hatchlings sent into the light tunnel, only one egg successfully passed through the very intricate tubular channel because of the swirling vibration that needs to be endured by the fragile egg, and this egg who survived will be called as “Ginger Dragon.”

At one peaceful night when everyone else in the family has gone to sleep, a boy named Pio Noel was awakened by the swishing sound coming from an open field where Pio’s house was nearby. Pio stood in at the window looking out towards the open field when a beam of light ripped the sky. Pio followed where exactly the light connected, and immediately went into that place. From the ground, it created a big deep pit, only to find an egg lying on it. Pio climbed down and picked up the egg, and brought it home. Every day he will nurture it like precious belongings, every night he will sit beside the crackling blaze on the hearth, and on his lap was the egg to incubate for hatching. Pio felt the constant motion inside the egg and knew that for a month longer; the shell will crack.

At the first light that came into contact with the creature’s half-asleep eyes, it was looking for its parents. To show Pio’s concern to the creature, he massaged its arrowhead tail, and covered it with a purple cloth to warm him up, and put him into rest. Pio immediately had noticed the effect of color purple into this creature, it made a relaxing and cooling effect.

Every time the creature wakes up, it will do a humming sound and will wrap its tail around Pio’s arm inviting to apply a little massage. During feeding on the creature, Pio usually will feed it with a bite of the dragon fruit during the morning, and in the afternoon, he will feed it with chicken marinated in ginger and lemon, for every time he feeds it with food mixed with ginger, the creature will make a high pitched sound expressing how it likes the food. So it became a ritual for feeding the creature with food mixed with ginger. Because of this practice, Pio has named the creature as “Ginger Dragon.”

Every after eating the dragon fruit, Pio will usually take Ginger in the outdoor to have a glimpse of the beautiful river bank; Pio will take Ginger into the river, and let it see its own reflection in the crystal clear water; Ginger will widely open its bright yellow eyes with surprise, and will joyously jump at the chance of flapping its wings, and able to lift its body. Pio saw these things, so he did many times to let Ginger spread its wings, and lift its body into the air. Pio tried this many times until Ginger practiced to scoop the air with its wings and forcing itself upward. Pio trained Ginger to make its wings tough enough to withstand strong winds, and how it will protect the wing’s membranes not to get severed because once severed it may not be able to fly again.

Over the years, Ginger has improved its skeletal features like the head, neck, broad shoulders, thick legs, strong tail and its leathery wings. Its Supraspinatus and Flexor alae major were its flight muscles that helped him to fly. It has improved its horns or spikes on its head and running down its spine. Ginger has totally grown into a full dragon. Pio will usually ride on its back, and had a thrill in flying with Ginger, they both will go on top of the volcano, and watching its crater. At the peak height of its position, it will do the accelerated free fall, and be catching their breath, and upon near hitting the ground will pull up again making Pio hold its breath, but have enjoyed it so much.

Came upon the redoubtable when the sun deviates backward causing Earth to line up with planet Wodip; all the red dragons went inside the light tunnel ready to enter planet Earth. One by one they came out from the light tunnel, and with fierce sound seemed they were looking for Ginger dragon. Red dragons waited for this moment to eliminate Ginger dragon, they have these senses of any surviving green dragons on the loose when they tried to escape from planet Wodip.

Ginger dragon acknowledging the challenge responded by sending its high pitch sound back to the red dragons. Ginger dragon’s body system has been changed by living with his friend Pio. Aside from its chemiluminescence of a greenish glow, it has developed a brown skin with a sheen on it. In adopting for eating plenty of ginger, it helped to stimulate gastric juices, and releases an aromatic rhizome which helps Ginger dragon of having this "image of thought" that apprehends multiplicities of events, and foresees the outcome, this power will prevent Ginger dragon of doing the wrong action, while tracking the right thing to do.

Pio brought his special weapon to help Ginger dragon fight the red dragons, he brought his slingshot with a super stone called “Godick.” This stone can penetrate the red dragon’s tough and shiny scales, and from the inside will crack and burst every bone making its victim’s body be paralyzed. Pio and Ginger dragon flew to the battle site. The red dragons were waiting, and upon sighting them, they have formed the spear formation where the leader was in front. Ginger dragon emitted its ginger breath and forming a ball of gas showing events to happen. Ginger predicted the red dragon’s plan. Ginger saw that they will strike flying like spear then upon nearing to them will spread out, and doing the cyclic jail on both Pio and Ginger dragon. All of these events were seen before it happened. Ginger tell to Pio to hold tight as it will soar up high before red dragons could go near on them, and then suddenly will free fall creating strong turbulence of wind to destroy their formation, and then telling to Pio it’s the right time on aiming them one by one with his slingshot to paralyze them all. Ginger without waiting any chance for the red dragons to get near, soared up to the higher level, and then free fall creating unsteady movement of air, destroying their formation, and giving Pio a chance to hit them with his special stone, hitting them one by one and paralyzing them to fall down into the ground. Every time Pio will hurl the stone, he will chant this phrase into the wind:

Faith unifies the triangular life path
Union of soul, mind, and body
An all-out strength against their wrath
For in the battle is a stage of intensity

Take this stone as death blow
Every bone and flesh to collapse
Never in this land will your blood flow
You can run away or take death perhaps

This chanting was very powerful that Pio could be able to aim his enemy perfectly, hitting them with the stone, and helplessly paralyzing them. Ginger’s breath was so powerful that it could emit a ball of gas shield protecting them from the red dragon’s fire.

With the good teamwork of Pio and Ginger dragon, they have totally defeated all the red dragons sending them all falling to the ground lifeless.

Their victory over the red dragons had to put an end to the light tunnel by closing the portals between planet Wodip and planet Earth. Ginger dragon had to disconnect the light tunnel by emitting a chemiluminescence or a greenish glow into the exact ground where this light tunnel was connected in order to refract, and sending it out back into the outer space. The greenish glow from Ginger dragon served as the refracting lens to send out the light tunnel from planet Hodip into the outer space, making the planet earth safe from the invading red dragons. Ginger dragon decided not to leave planet Earth and stayed with his longtime friend Pio Noel. The End.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Fogman (Fictional Short Story for Children)

                Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/fog-autumn-nature-man-human-267978/
                                     Anja Osenberg from Aachen, Deutschland

The Fogman (Fictional Short Story for children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
October 21, 2015

It is mid-winter again; the sun is low in the sky. During the night when the sky is clear, land surfaces will emit heat into space and, therefore cool. In the process, it formed cloud water droplets or ice crystals hanging in the air, typically we called it fog.

During the Age of Sail, sailing ships were what most people used for trading and naval warfare. Many battles started and ended with the draping of a sad white fog in the air signaling lost, deprive, agony, and misery. On a misty island, they called luggerstone was where the fog returned after crossing the sea; they believed it was here on this island where the fogman believed to return during those periods.

The story of fogman was believed had begun during a battle happened during the golden age of sail where disputes over trade caused conflicts. Many believed on the good leadership of an Admiral named Pinuel, he had been leading most of the battle and have won. With the good tactics administered by Admiral Pinuel, he had triumphantly stopped many attempts of invasion of the much powerful forces of enemy’s armada.

Admiral Pinuel was a good navigator and mathematician; he could maneuver his ship effectively by taking the windward position or the direction of upwind from the point of reference. His tactic was to give way to the leeward vessels and since his ship was a square-rigged warship that would often ride from the windward direction, thus giving it more advantage over the opposing warship, in this way they could choose when to engage and when to withdraw. Mostly in this kind of situation, the opposing vessel would expose its bottom to be shot and eventually retired in the sinking.

Until one battle, they fought a much bigger and an aggressive enemy firing bow chaser cannon towards their ship, they were forming the line-of-battle tactic which favored the larger ships to sail steadily and maintain their position in the line in the face of heavy fire. The line formed was moving perpendicular to the axis where Pinuel’s vessel was moving that was why it broke their line through it and isolate Pinuel’s ship to the rest of his fleet, trying to double up or had encircled their ship and fired relentlessly on them. Pinuel’s ship was badly damaged, all of his men got wounded and died on the ship, only Admiral Pinuel survived and had managed to jump off the vessel and swum aimlessly away from his sinking ship.

Pinuel had swum at the rage of the sea, luckily grabbed a piece of floating wood, enough to fit his body on it, and tried to paddle his way to an island. Pinuel suffered hunger and pain until his body succumbed to severe exhaustion and was lying unconscious at the top of the wood. The wind might have helped him of being marooned on the misty island called “luggerstone.” Pinuel was awakened by the small strokes of waves upon his face, even though badly injured, he managed to crawl into the valley, and drunk on its water, with no knowledge about that magical stream of water connecting into the sky, slowly it caused him to sweat so hard; the sweating continuously washed away his flesh into water, and blending with the stream of water; whenever cool air passes over the moist land, it generally formed into a fog. Pinuel’s mind was still clear what had happened into his transformation, he was still focused on getting back to the sea to continue protecting his countrymen from the enemies, he had wished for the wind and the mountain where he belonged now to grant his last wish to become the fogman warning sailors for any dangers, preventing them not to pursue their sailing into a marked foggy place. He even made a chant for the wind, mountain, and the sun with a beautiful hymn in order to send him as fogman into the sea and land:

When the sun is low
When the sky is clear and aglow
When the heat fills the space
Allow me to form into ice crystal brace

To hang into the air
Waited to fulfill and repair
Unduly grace of vapor to meet its fate
Forming as fogman that never sleeps on his wake

With his chanting, immediately Pinuel’s mind communicated with the wind, mountain, and the sun, sending him into the sea and land as the fogman.

The villagers will always remember Admiral Pinuel as the great sailor who had brought hope to his countrymen.  He will always afloat out in the sea and land, always a lookout for sea travelers and voyagers. So whenever you see fog, it is telling you to be careful in going through that place for it is warning you of dangers behind that misty cloud.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Collaboration with the Ghost

                     Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/ghosts-gespenter-spooky-horror-572038/
                                            Bonnyb Bendix (Deutsch)

Collaboration with the Ghost
By: Noel N. Villarosa
October 14, 2015

Just a thought of working with a ghost
One I knew or a guest specter
I won’t fear the unexpected and can’t boast
A spectator on this skittish November

A silent visit of a lonely spirit
Stories to unfold, connecting the past
The strangest seems I have had more merit
A nightly cast of fog so thick and fast

Real or airy-fairy experience
Those ghosts are pent into another dimension
Free from the tussle of life and beyond deviants
Reconnecting with the living in cold attention

One evening, startled by a transparent figure
Inside a room with translucent glow
Leaning on the table, staring on a paper
Suggesting writing his own memoir

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Time Traveller

                       Gerd Altmann from Freiburg, Deutschland

Time Traveller
By: Noel N. Villarosa
October 5, 2015

It muddles into our time slightly
Backwards hunting immemorial time
Onward guessing on technology’s mighty
Ever wonder to ride and visit the sublime

We are all time travellers
In our dreams or in reality, we trek
Everything goes by his own caliber
In conversation, we learn at age’s beck

In some poets’ verses, they spoke
In Philosopher’s story had been told
That they did not die but blended nature’s stroke
Lost cities rediscovered in poetic legend to uphold

We see things not supposed to be that way
Structures erected in manners so occult
People behaved unusually and hear them say
Like strangers in their own time, misleading assault

Living in the moment is a wakeful existence
Fragile lives we met in unsynchronized composure
For the time being, we have been swirling in tenses
For all we think of, is our past, present, and future

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Aldub Nation (Poem, Song)


Aldub Nation (Poem, Song)

By: Noel N. Villarosa
September 28, 2015

The moment I saw you
There was something unusual
The crowd cheered whew
Odd sparked and became mutual

Strange ways to express
Feelings made way in singing
Backing of music, with tenderness
Mysterious voice, people were asking

At the right time, do not rush
Instead, you listen to your elders
Your guides and charted course
With the test of time, be prepared


Ebb and flow
To the currents of life
In Aldub Nation you will see
People are united and liven up

Forget all the worries
For a while, just smile
In love full of hope
So let’s join the Aldub Nation


If you are lonely
Keep track of two lovers
Alden and Maine, picture of true love
True happiness, Filipinos could relate

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Prayer of an Overseas Worker

                                        Photo credit to: https://pixabay.com/en/users/geralt-9301/  

Prayer of an Overseas Worker
By: Noel N. Villarosa
September 27, 2015

I consumed half of my prime life
And little I know the dark side
I’ve kept apart, sorrows grow rife
In virtual silence, I reside

I kneel down to pray they are well
Sure enough, that keeps them all safe
To quench yearning, in poem I tell
O’er the years to ward off my chafe

Be passive to the fast escape of time
Brings me closer to homecoming
Desire blazed a trail, time to climb
To prey on moments is stunning

Please forgive my ghostly status
For I am the pillar of house
My struggle I offer gratis
A journey with you, sail is douse

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Chasing the Internet

          Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/online-internet-icon-symbols-www-942408/

Chasing the Internet
By: Noel N. Villarosa
September 17, 2015

The internet is like a ball
Should be passed on to other people
An understanding, my little son shared
Ideal speed most of us desired

Trawling through the internet
Always chasing ideal time to connect
Trapped and engrossed into the network
Manacling idiosyncrasies making them to shirk

Living outside your home country
The Internet is the passageway to your family
It made lives into simpler ones
You need to pay for a better connection

How our senses are altered
Even our thinking was bothered
Time and space that are apart
Uninspired if unable to reach your counterpart

Dark side of the internet
Time quickly runs out and we forget
To socialize with others and feel the real world
As virtual image tried to evolve

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lost Slippers

                      Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/waldryano-309781/

Lost Slippers
By: Noel N. Villarosa
Sept. 16, 2015

Spirited little feet, to walk barefoot
Struggles of naked feet sounded a hoot
How the soles have long been unprotected
Stepping on prickly brambles, it collected

The sore feet luckily found one slipper
Color green and had a slit figure
Eagerness suggested to brought it home
Unworthy, hoping the other one will come

Now quilted the torn portion
The feet demanded a replica version
Knitted fabric as temporary ply
To flaunt a style, need to defy

Storm came, there was flooding
Down the river swept many things
Possibly detached and swept downstream
Footwear washed and lodged in bamboo beams

The little one took it and tried to fit
For the right foot, if the size permit
Color yellow and comparatively new
A rightful match showed out of the blue

Green and yellow, beauty and happy
Slippers style worn casually
Gone are the days of sore feet, now snug feet
Living in remote areas denied by cozy sheet

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Little Detective

                            Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/sherlock-holmes-detective-147255

My Little Detective
By: Noel N. Villarosa
September 1, 2015

I saw and first heard
It roared like T-rex and whistled like bird
Underneath the wooden stand shall appear
A finely built little boy wearing a crew cut hair

Far away to the place I stayed
He sometimes banished due to slow internet bandwidth
Turned me into a blank thousand-yard stare
I longed to hear his little jaunt pleasure

He is a picture to reveal my happiness
An allegory to tell my journey’s success
If on a magical-intellectual land of puzzles can inhibit
He is a boon to get me deep through the thicket

A special break in winter, a moment so right
Find the one who likes this color code #4E9258
Whose name is in this code: 16-9-15 14-15-5-12
Reveals a saint's name and my name is involved

Two factors, holy and first Christmas
He is my love, my whole life to embrace
His mother’s face, their likeness you will know
Read the clue, line-by-line as you go

His time so precious that I need to guard
A super sleuth knows how to trap his bard
Now I cracked the code, solved this riddle
He is my little detective, my son “Pio Noel”

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Golden Jubilee

                                     Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/stux-12364/

Golden Jubilee
By: Noel N. Villarosa
August 26, 2015

Did I go far at 50?
Time flies, now my golden age
So much to ponder on life’s stage
In surging events, I need to stay nifty

Still I cry and laugh
It’s normal for a man’s fight
Heaven still guards my flight
Not rich but blessing pours enough

Younger years just past to ripe
Serious composure enlivened by jolly snatch
Which my deep thought would only catch
Light-hearted moments, I will tribe

Proudly turning half a century
Denials would still reveal at wisdom
A drift to the generational gap with younger ones
I am thankful for every wisp of glory

Though I have a limited time to reach my goals
Looking forward to the second half century
I wonder of owning certain age as sweet reverie
Birthday is not a thing to argue, it is inevitable

Today I give myself the gift of time
A chance to thank also dear people
Who make me happy and gleeful
Should the test of time ever climb

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Monday, August 10, 2015

God Wrote a Poem

                            Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/sciencefreak-97947/

God Wrote a Poem
By: Noel N. Villarosa
August 11, 2015

Events that took part in our life
We don’t think we know it all
God wrote a poem for our insights
Immersed in experience, to swim the crawl

God wrote a poem for me and you
Look around, it’s written on His bounty
In flower’s scent, we are raised to view
Sceneries that inspire, humbly grow to infinity

Like I do, to read what it means
My eyes understand, the love to repair
His message sent into my dreams
Poetic dialogue to open up despair

Born to the rhythm of two hearts
One from your mother and yours
Reaching your way into light’s art
That first cry resounds that endures

It’s the first poem ever written
God’s grace to loving parents
Cries of a baby as mother cries in response
Sounds convey feelings into words to understand

God wrote a poem through sights and sounds
Unknown, until we succumbed to silence and darkness
Realizing message it tells and clear shapes that astound
We are His written poem out of nothingness

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