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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Legopolis (Fictional short story for children)

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The Legopolis (Fictional short story for children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
July 26, 2015

Long before when children spent every single day playing with their existing toys specially made out of wood or metal, the kind of toys that they have in their mind remained fictional. Not until when four children living in Laguna had a chance on experimenting the luciferin found in fireflies for them to create a glow in their room was accidentally poured into the raw materials of their newly purchased eco-friendly thermoplastic, consisting of a styrene monomer with the addition of an acrylonitrile and butadiene monomer that they were planning to create as mini blocks to build something out of their creative imagination. The luciferin has created a life out of those chemicals. The next morning, the four children named: Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim started the molding process, plastic was heated to 230-310C, it was then injected into molds at a pressure of 25-150 tons, it then took  5-10 seconds for the elements to cool and be ejected. They have waited for this mini blocks to be finished, and that they are going to build the legopolis and all the figures that were already formed in their mind.

The four children slowly built the brick-walled legopolis with green blocks as the walls, they built a tower to serve as watch tower from inside the legopolis, surrounding with post equipped with cctv cameras to watch every movement inside and outside of the legopolis. They also built mini houses, parks, and roads to make it a real legopolis. What the four children didn’t know was that the power of extra electron produced when luciferin was mixed into the thermoplastic during the molding process could give a life for those lego blocks and figures and to make them move like real living things.

Pio named his lego creations as Ghoster, Croc, and Nightbeat (has the power to transform into a car). Malka created her lego and named it as Jetwash (has the power to transform into a Jet), JD created Silversnout (has the power to transform into a shark), and Joakim created Terosaur (has the power to transform into a dinosaur). Each lego has acquired power from the mixing of luciferin and chemicals, and that power will protect the legopolis from evil forces which were also created by the playful mind of these four children. They created Slob Lego which has the power to stain everything into a dirt by using its paintbrush and spattering black color into anything which comes into sight. There also existed Crusher who used its vibratory roller compactor to smash all the lego figures that block on its way. There also existed Rich Lego who will bribe all lego figures to join him and destroy the lego city. There also existed Shadow Taker who will steal a lego’s shadow and make it a slave into its shadow land cave where no one escapes even light would be trapped into this darkness. In four weeks of brainstorming, these kids finally completed the whole set and all the lego figures which have the story to create.

One creepy night while everyone was sleeping, a lightning struck the floor creating electron beam to flow into the lego figures and that ignited with the luciferin mixed on the chemicals found on thermoplastic thus giving the lego figures a life on its own. All the lego figures moved around the legopolis as they were alive, and all the bad legos had figured their way out of the legopolis, and acted on their own to carry out their evil works.

The next morning, the four children found out the missing bad legos and they were puzzled where did they all go. As days passed by, the four children did not know that their legos have come alive from the luciferin and extra electron sparked by the lightning. Every night they became alive and were glowing in the dark, they were acting cleverly to protect the legopolis from the runaway villains. One night, as the legopolis was calm and relaxed, they were assaulted by surprise by Slob Lego, equipped with its paintbrush, it splashed a stain all over the legopolis turning it messy and polluted. Ghoster and Croc were disappointed to stop Slob lego.  Ghoster and Croc had planned a revenge to stop Slob lego, they went inside the dark cave of Slob lego. Ghoster warned Croc to stay outside the cave as it will have a hard time tracking Slob inside a dark cave. Ghoster has this power of infrasound with a low-frequency sound that could chart any heat formation in the dark. Ghoster used this power to track down Slob and upon sensing Slob, immediately spread its white coat to cover Slob and took it out the cave and melted it into paint, and painted it on the canvas to be trapped there forever. As one villain was down and there were three villains still out on the loose. Late one night, the Super Legos had spotted from outside the legopolis was Crusher lego with its heavy roller compactor ready to roll into the legopolis to crush everything on sight. Jetwash, Silversnout, and Terosaur transformed themselves and acted immediately to prevent Crusher lego from going into the legopolis. The three Super Legos have spread super glue throughout outside the legopolis’ road to get Crusher stick to the ground and will no longer roll its compactor. At the end they made Crusher useless and immovable; Jetwash, Silversnout, and Terosaur have brought Crusher into pieces and never will do harm to the lego city. It was not so long until Rich Lego planned to bribe the lego city with his power to incite anyone with its money, it  tried to pay a visit to lego city and to dispense lots of money to ask for a favor to the lego community, but just in time all the Super Legos Nightbeat, Ghoster, Croc, Jetwash, Silversnaut, and Terosaur have built a hard maze or a network of paths designed to confuse Rich Lego to find his way into the lego city, whenever Rich lego was getting near to the entrance of the legopolis the Super Legos will try to change the blocking blocks to prevent him from entering until the path came into a dead end or cul-de-sac (closed at one end), Rich Lego was trapped forever in this hard to solve maze. When everything was in control as it seems to be calm, not far from the legopolis was a lego named Shadow Taker was planning bad for the legopolis, it was the ultimate enemy to make havoc into the Legopolis. Shadow Taker lived in a dark cave where no light could ever break into, anyone whose shadow will be taken will be trapped inside the dark cave and become a slave. The Super Legos were aware of the power of the Shadow Taker that they had prepared for that day to face Shadow Taker and it happened one late night when the legopolis area was lighted. Shadow Taker moved into the place where it could capture as many shadows in the legopolis, but Nightbeat, Ghoster, Croc, Jetwash, Silversnaut, and Terosaur have a great plan to fight Shadow Taker and this was through a mirror standing on the very entrance gate of the legopolis, that once opened, Shadow Taker will have a chance to stare into his own image with his shadow reflected into the mirror and swallowed up by its own body. And that was what happened as planned by the Super Legos, its shadow was taken hostage inside its own body, and it got weaker and weaker as long as its own shadow was trapped inside its body. The Super Legos had defeated Shadow Taker and was taken back into its dark cave. The Legopolis stays colorful and lively until to this day, every night while everyone fell asleep; the legopolis comes alive with their luciferin keeps them glowing in the dark, the lego figures always on the move,  and keep building their legopolis and other figures.

The four children: Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim will always be surprised to see what the lego figures had built on the first day would come out to be perfect and keeps on expanding every night without the four children doing anything, amazed with their creation, they just enjoyed the pleasure to see the lego empire keeps building up and giving them joy. THE END.

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