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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Majestic Mountain

Majestic Mountain
By: Noel N. Villarosa
July 15, 2015

You break through the sky
Like a spear aiming high
How will I stand on your tip?
My crampon thorn piercing to grip

Into the edge of rocks, I think of a steppe
I’ll hold a drop of sweat for each step  
Limiting another drop of precarious scree
Into the slope, in a hanging spree

I dreamed of climbing you, my final goal
Where the unpleasant term always roll
Covered with snow and cruel freezing
I will stand in your shared ridge for seizing

Your slope is my way to reach your top
Gentler as I could, I’ll be wise not to flop
In your face of a cliff-like slope, tragedy may befall
To die among others who has defied your murderous wall

I’ll go between your valley points
With river running at its base, nothing to appoint
Glaciers pushing through rocks breaking to aggrieve
Forming valley shape you won’t believe

A quick peak looking down over the cliff’s edge
Suggesting viewing timeless piece of art on the ledge
The peak and ground, I have conquered
As a sigh of relief, fear is completely devoured

Though still young that lived a few million years ago
I won’t wait for old age to take you
As bits and pieces of your body fall off
Mainly due to the work of man and weather face-off

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