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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sliver the Dinosaur Robot and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)

                           Photo Credit: Amazon.com: VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Sliver the

Sliver the Dinosaur Robot and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
12 August 2014

This is my story: When the world was still young, dinosaurs ruled the earth. As some believed that their extinction was caused by an asteroid. The asteroid that had hit them was relatively rocky and metallic that came from another planet which other creatures have lived. The Centaur Aliens have built one huge asteroid, and had put on it was a gravitational force to pull such massive object such that of a dinosaur. The more massive like a dinosaur, the more gravitational pull it exerted to all dinosaurs. They got all dinosaurs and experimented on their bodies. The Centaur Aliens were intelligent creatures that they wanted to build a toy dinosaur robot in order to build a relationship with humans, and later manipulate the earth. From their experiments, they have chosen 5 dinosaurs to be made as robots, and they sent it back to earth, but along the travel from the outer space into the atmosphere of earth, something strange things happened, the giant dinosaur robots have shrunk into a miniature dinosaur robots as it passed through the earth’s atmosphere, these are: The Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Sauropods, The Velociraptor, The Albertaceratops Nesmoi, and The Hadrosaurs. The spaceship landed in the Philippines. These robots were programmed acting on their own, and have themselves placed among other toys in the store, waiting for children to take them home.

One day one family went to the mall to look for toys to be given to five children as gifts, they strolled inside the mall. Pio got his attention to one standing dinosaur robot that seems to look to his direction, he got this and asked for his mom to buy it. Malka on the other side got her attention to one dinosaur robot and she got this also, JD also took one dinosaur robot, Joakim had picked his choice, and so with Incredible Hulk. All the five children went home with their new dinosaur robots.

Pio has named his dinosaur robot as Sliver T-rex, Malka named her dinosaur robot as Sara, JD named his dinosaur robot as Vailu, Joakim named his dinosaur robot as Albert, and Incredible Hulk has named his dinosaur robot as Hadros.

One evening when the five children fell asleep, unaware that their dinosaur robots were now moving and talking to each other as if they were talking secretly about their mission. Sliver the T-Rex who was the leader of the group was holding microchips planned to be implanted on their satellite and to trace where the frozen fossils of the Troodon dinosaur was located. The Centaur Aliens believed that if they could get the fossils of a Troodon will have a better chance for them to create a smart dinosaur robots and to be sent for fighting their enemy -- the Trisdan Alien who were trying to build also their best dinosaur robot -- the Utahraptor dinosaur robot who was very lethal and designed to be a killing machine.

The Trisdan Aliens were building many kinds of Utahraptors, and ready to be sent to the Centaur Planet. The five dinosaurs sent to earth were their last chance to survive the attack of the Trisdan’s Utahraptors.

Back to the house of the five children, the Centaur leader had sent a message to Sliver T-rex to locate the fossils of the Troodon dinosaur because of a threat of possible attack of the Trisdan’s robots.

As Pio and his four friends were having great fun with their dinosaur robots, suddenly Sliver the T-Rex had shown some unusual behavior like directly talking to Pio, and asking for their help to find North America, and to locate the fossils of the Troodon dinosaur. Pio normally was shocked to what he heard from Sliver, and so with the other dinosaur robots. Pio had asked Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk to help their dinosaur robots to locate the fossils of the Troodon dinosaur. The five children together with the five dinosaurs which they called as the switch-and-go team rode to their spaceship to bring them to North America believed where the Troodon’s fossils could be found. Sliver using the space-based radar satellite would help them detect and track the fossils of Troodon dinosaur.

However, after closely examining the North American fossil record from that time period, the five children have read that researchers believed that some dinosaurs could have actually survived from the asteroid’s devastating impacts and probably died due to other causes.

Sliver’s space-based radar satellite started to trace something somewhere in the place of Montana, they landed to where the signal was leading them, they excavated the ground and to the surprise of all, was laid the fossils of the Troodon dinosaur. Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk carefully collected the pieces and wrapped it in cloth and put it inside the box for protection while traveling.

Sliver sent a message back to Centaur Planet that they have already retrieved the fossils and will be transported back to their planet anytime. Centaur leader received the message at the time they were being attacked; they just sent a message to Sliver not to come back, as it was already in a hostile position. The last message was distressing and they could only hear explosions. The Centaur Planet was destroyed and there was nobody who survived from the attacked.

Meanwhile, the switch-and-go team led by Sliver was thinking what to do next, as there were no more places to return to. The five children: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk decided to keep them in their house, and to be there with them as long as they lived. Maybe for this time, they will be safe for a while with their new found friends: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk. THE END