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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Spend the Golden Years With Your Retirement Oasis

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The old man and the sea
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June 18, 2012
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Many of us will dubiously ask ourselves, "What kind of life is waiting after retiring from a job?" Hastily, we chase time in a manner of skipping moments by moments, not realizing that we are already at the end of the road. But what do we get in return? A physical and mental fatigued. A closer look at what is happening is the impact of a recession. More alarming and sad to say that most of us are worrying for the next episode of our lives after retiring from our job, for many have failed, if not, keep a substantial amount in their savings, while some are confident that their retirement pension would cater their needs. What does this mean to all of us? It means that much older age will still inch themselves to the workforce to find a suitable job in order to sustain themselves food and shelter. Chances are so narrow that they could get hired because of the youth-obsessed employers and that they are now classified as has-beens. Golden years could still be relaxing with your retirement oasis by considering this friendly advice.
  • If you feel that you can still perform the task assigned to you, why not delay your retirement to add more on your savings account, and add zest to your life. Always feel the vigor in your body and mind by keeping yourself on the move, and keeping away from idleness will help you become more productive and creative. Productive people can always think of a better future because they know where to put their hard-earned money, and later be added to their retirement cushion.
  • Plan ahead, and always think that your insurance won't be around to take care of you, and this means you need to create another source of income outside from your retirement fee. Make a contingency plan to navigate all possible expenses, that there should be separate funds for your health needs, and for some emergency that crops up.
  • Re-assess your retirement plans and reduce your expenses to create a new structure of your life and career planning. And from this point, you can decide what kind of life you want and reckon the income you need for your chosen lifestyle. Learn from financial gurus to understand more about investments. They could offer you a great deal to tie up your earnings to a much stronger and viable corporation. You just need to be more diligent and aware of the trend in the stock market.
  • Fulfillment shows up when you feel satisfaction in everything that you do. Make a difference in your life; while you no longer tied up to your job, you are in full control of your time. Supposedly, you are holding enough money to sustain your life, another way to be more fulfilled is to determine your talent or expertise, and start your own business; or you can determine services that interest you, like volunteering in charitable work, making a breakthrough in community development, and joining more crusades in preserving the beauty of our mother earth. Finding suitability for yourself is going through self-assessment that will help you find your purpose to live an active life again.
  • Building friends around you is extenuating the feeling of being ineffectual. Trusted friends and relatives will be your last resort for relying on when hit by hard times. Your retirement does not only end resting inside your house; it is also spending more vividly outside with your dream-purpose.

Noel Nicolas Villarosa is a poet, and also writes an article about self-improvement and motivation. You can read all his poems and articles at http://pinoylifefacts.blogspot.com/.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Feel Great Within You

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By: Noel N. Villarosa
2 June 2012

Most of us nowadays feel we don't know how to appreciate life anymore. We feel as we were left all alone with no one else to rely on but ourselves, and when we have reached the limit of our patience, we can do nothing but feel miserable all the times. The feeling becomes heavier if caught in an undesirable situation while still recuperating from the unfortunate loss. Many would have said that how unlucky they are to suffer such circumstances. The system, environment, people, beliefs, and technology are all in wavering conditions that push us to the limit. But you are created worthy, and worthy people can make a major change in their lives. Here is some friendly advice on how to feel great within you.

Be Contented. Thanking God of what you get every day is filling your unfulfilled dreams with overwhelming satisfaction. Stop the amour propre display if deep inside you is an inferior soul orbiting between compulsive preoccupation with something and self-love. Nothing can be more exhilarating than being a God-centered and stay humble as always.

Be an Admirer. No one should disregard the gift of admiration, as it is indispensable if one should weigh the significance of comparison of beauty in physique and the surroundings. A leisurely walk packed with self-respect and great dignity while you greet people you pass by with a smile, or be grateful that you can see the sun radiating light to all leaving creatures, or feel free to say some praising words to someone you meet somewhere can be exalting and redeeming.

Be Active. Compel yourself to do something relieving. Doing some extraordinary activities like visiting an orphanage, home for the aged, or cancer patients. In doing these, you are not only helping yourself but also the person that you have been kind to. You can start spreading the spirit of being a Good Samaritan. Start to do the act of random kindness. Be a miracle instead of waiting for it.

Be in Control. Don't let many setbacks and blows deeply affect your life. It is normal that once in a while you experience some insane failures in life, but think also that you can get over hills as properly planned and controlled by you. You can learn from your mistakes, and that would mean also you don't fall into the same trap, that a careful preparation and consultation will surely lead you to the door of success. Do some reading of true confessions and success stories that will enlighten you to do better and feel resurrected again.

Be Loved. Collision with the morally upright people will bring you closer to your community. Join some of their crusades in building community awareness that will relieve you from being a good-for-nothing goldbrick.

Be Simple. Just relax and take it easy. Think that life is a long way to go and don't skip over stages of life which are necessary for your growth. Remarkable transition in life will happen in a gradual manner. Too much thinking can corrupt the inner peace of your soul and that prevents you thinking a positive way. Don't exchange a simple, happy life into a luxurious but a miserable one. As some great men have said, "My riches consist not in an extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants." Live a modest and simple life and feel great always.

Noel Nicolas Villarosa is a poet, and also writes article about self improvement and motivation. You can read all his poems and articles at http://pinoylifefacts.blogspot.com/.
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