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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The One That Served as the Eyes and the Hope (Short Story for Children)

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                                         Gerd Altmann from Freiburg, Deutschland

The One That Served as the Eyes and the Hope (Short Story for Children)
By: Noel N. Villarosa
June 22, 2015

The story tells of two different perspectives. Seven-year-old Lerma was born blind to a farmer couple. Lerma’s parents incapable of sending her to school because of a poor life, young Lerma was contented of dreaming that one day she would learn those things learned in school. The eight-year-old Jose and his sister Jasmin are both somewhat coming from a better-off family; their parents have the capability to send them to school. Full of dreams the two siblings excitedly went to school, and the older brother Jose became a guide to his younger sister.

An unexpected tragedy happened, sister Jasmin was injured and died, Jose mourned too much for losing his sister, and the dream suddenly disappeared, the excitement in studying was replaced by annoyance and loss of interest. On the other hand, Lerma, full of hope and the interest to learn is reaching up to the sky. The shape and form, she often hears, but she does not know how to describe it because she did not yet see it, but only hear the words like square, circle, oblong, semicircular, square, rectangle, triangle, but with Lerma it is only a word with no solid picture in her mind.

Many days had passed, the world of Lerma and Jose have crossed paths, while Jose was looking for tranquility in the field, he spotted Lerma sitting under the shade of a big tree, he approached her, and heard Lerma’s song regarding shapes: "circle, square, oblong what are your appearances, darkness enwrapped your semblance." Jose approached Lerma, he watched her before she could speak, and Jose had just learned that she was blind. Jose spoke: "I am Jose, what is your name?”  "I am Lerma," answered Lerma. "It seems your song is looking for an answer on the semblance of shapes?" asked by Jose. "I was born blind and not well educated, and therefore it puzzles me what are shapes look like, I am hoping that someday I will go to school, but my parents are incompetent in sending me to school," replied by Lerma. "Almost as your age was my deceased sister Jasmin, if you would want, I could teach you what I learned in school," said by Jose. "I'll be happy my new friend Jose," joyfully replied by Lerma.

The two children became close friends; Jose began teaching Lerma about shapes. "The square has four equal sides and corners," and while saying this, Jose took Lerma’s hand and conveyed how it portrayed on paper. "The circle is circular in shape and without beginning or end," and upon saying this he took Lerma’s hand and conveyed how it portrayed. "The oblong is a shape with two curves at both ends and two straight edges," and immediately Jose took Lerma’s hand and helped her to draw on paper. "The triangle shape with three sides and corners," and again they drew them on paper. "The rectangular shape has two long sides and two short sides. Like the square, because they both have four corners,” they again have drawn it on paper. "The semi-circle is a divided circle shape." And then they drew it on paper. Thereafter, Jose and Lerma went back happy in their home bringing new hope in their life. Jose had served as the eyes of Lerma’s goal in studying, and able to see things with a clear picture of the shapes which were long before registered blank in her mind. Lerma served as a way of new hope for Jose to continue his studies and enjoy living in a world full of color, shape, and movement. Even though they have a different world, it has opened a true color of life, the existence of guidance and hopes with one another. The End.

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