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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Super Taho and the Four Children (Fictional Short Story for Children)

       Illustration designed by Noel N. Villarosa using Microsoft Shapes tools and ClipArt

The Super Taho and the Four Children (Fictional Short Story for Children)

By: Noel N. Villarosa
June 16, 2015

When Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim were experimenting to produce a high breed of sago pearl from a palm tree, they were testing the water with various concoctions to make it more nutritious to feed a palm tree and to produce high breed sago pearl. While inside the laboratory, the tube where the water was being tested got contaminated by a bee sting and made changes in the structure of water. Overnight the sting reacted to the chemicals creating a powerful elixir.

The next morning, the four children went out to test their experiment to water a palm tree. They waited until the fruit of palm tree is produced. They read that the full ripening will drain the starch center to produce the seeds. It will leave a hollow shell and causes the tree to die.  When this happens, it is time to cut down the palms when they are about 15 years old, just before they are ready to flower. The stems are split out. Then the starch pith is taken from the stems and ground to powder. The powder is mashed in water over a clean cloth. It passes a rack and after a few minutes of washing, the flour is ready to be used in cooking. The four children just produced their first sago pearl and planning to use it for their taho (a pudding made from soy beans) business.

One summer day when the first half of school year was over, the four children decided to prepare their taho plus a mixture of their sago pearl, they did not know that their sago pearl was contaminated by a bee sting to which they didn’t know how powerful it was now. While inside the kitchen, Pio tasted one sago pearl, then started to feel something unordinary, he felt strength and tried to lift the drum filled with water and he could lift it with only one hand, surprised by his super strength, he kept quiet for a while, and went out to help his friends build a small stall to put their taho. Malka prepared the caramel syrup while JD and Joakim peeled the strawberry and jackfruit while putting buko pandan into the syrup. The four children had put a little twist for their syrup to make it more delicious and nutritious plus the hidden power of the sago pearl which had restructured by the unknown bee sting.

Incredible Hulk, known as their rival when it comes to hobby-business had also put up his taho stall in front of his house to compete for the four children. He was announcing that his taho was more delicious than their taho, and to prove this, he let passers-by have a taste for his taho and was telling to the one who tasted it that they will have super strength upon devouring his taho.

Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim were so sure that their taho was more delicious and nutritious. The Chairman of the barangay had organized a fun competition for those willing to join a weight-lifting competition and by trying to eat the taho served by the four children and Incredible Hulk, that whoever lifts the heavy bar will prove whose taho has the nutritional benefit. Of course, Malka, JD, and Joakim were uncertain that they could compete for that contest for they are still young and with no muscle build up unlike Incredible Hulk showing so much physical strength on his muscles. Pio confident of his sago pearl would give them super strength, encouraged Malka, JD, and Joakim to join the contest by telling them the secret of their sago pearl, Pio showed to his friends his strength by lifting them only on one arm, satisfied by what they witnessed, Malka, JD, and Joakim agreed with Pio that they will join the completion.

The day came when the competition has to begin; the chairman suggested that because Incredible Hulk has the herculean strength than the other four children, the chairman suggested that the four children will lift the barbell in unison. Incredible Hulk agreed to be fair with the four children.

Now both teams should eat their prepared taho before lifting the barbell to prove whose taho will give the strength to lift the 100kgs bumper plates. Pio has already mixed the sago pearl with their taho, pouring to each cup and to be drunk by his friends.

Incredible Hulk very confident that he will mightily lift the barbell has failed in the first attempt, 2nd attempt and on the 3rd and last attempt and ended up breaking his hands.

The four children had stood still in front of the crowd, had put tape on their wrists and thumbs to protect it from friction and to lessen the pain with the hook grip. They also wore a weightlifting belt to give them lower back support. They also wore a good pair of weightlifting shoes. To start lifting the barbell, they positioned by squatting, grabbed the handle of the barbell and with a deep breath pulled the barbell overhead, the crowd amazingly cheered for the four children that they showed super strength in lifting the barbell.

The people began buying their taho which gave them an unusual lively feeling and very energetic up to midnight. A magtataho (peddler) which usually carries two large aluminum buckets that hang from each end of a yoke can often be seen to the taho stall of the four children waiting the long queue to acquire the nutritious taho of Pio, Malka, JD and Joakim. Unlike before, people got to hear the calling out “Tahooooooo” during morning, but because of the special sago pearl mixed with the taho, it maintains its freshness until midnight, so people on the night shift schedule could still have the chance to buy fresh taho, and what was more exciting was that the energetic taho was giving the peddlers a round-the-clock loud voice to shout “Tahooooo,” “Tahooooo,” “Tahooooo.” Even during the evening, they could hear a taho peddling their stuff.

Pio, Malka, JD, and Joakim were still puzzled to where their sago pearl got its special ingredient that until now the ground that has been sprinkled with the experimental water could still grow another palm tree. Incredible Hulk has recovered from his hand injury, had praised and congratulated the four children for what they achieved, and started to help them in growing and extracting the powder out from the palm tree to produce the sago pearl for their taho. The four children named their taho as “Super Taho.” THE END.

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