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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Guardian Rock of the Ambato Forest (Fictional Short Story for Children)

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Brigitte Werner (Age 61) from Canim Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The Guardian Rock of the Ambato Forest (Fictional Short Story for Children)
June 14, 2015
By: Noel N. Villarosa

A long time ago, there was a village in the Philippines called the “Ambato.” Old folks had told that this village had a one gold bearing tree side by side with waterfalls flowing with sparkling diamonds. The people lived in luxurious life, a bounty of foods and drinks. The chieftain of the village was so selfish that he would not allow strangers to intrude inside the rich village, so he demanded all his brave soldiers to guard all the premises of the village that no strangers will be allowed to go inside the village.

One Sunday morning when all the villagers were having a feast, an anchorite arrived into their place asking his way inside the village, but all the guards were not paying attention to his asking and they just ignored the poor old man to wait there without getting any reply from the guards.

Suddenly, the sky got dimmed threatening for a bad weather to come. Only the guards did not know that it was all created by the old man, and with a loud voice, the old man said, “You had only proved that you are no different with a rock, because of your not paying attention and being sturdy” at the flick of his finger, the old man turned all the guards, including the chieftain and the villagers into rocks and to be there snappily guarding the place for the rest of their life. The mysterious old man had put a curse into the place to be hidden forever unless a good-hearted and kind person will tap a rock and ask their way into the hidden place. The rock being knocked will only display an arrow for the direction for those with the kind-hearted personality and if not, a drawing of a circle will be displayed making for that bad person to get hypnotized and later turned himself into a rock.

The old folklore has not been talked for a long time and not given any attention because the people were scared to be turned into rocks and to be guarding the mysterious place for the rest of their life.

One day, five children from Laguna named: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk have heard the old folklore and they would like to explore the hidden place. The next morning, the five children flew to Surigao del Norte to where the mysterious place called “Ambato” was located. The five children arrived at the place in the evening, a tent was built to make a shelter, and the five children soothingly listened to a baritone of crickets that eventually broke the silence of the night.

The next morning, the five children started their trek into the savage forest. They climbed many mountains and crossed many lakes, getting their foods from the trees and catching fish in the river. While they were taking a bath in the river, Pio noticed some rock formations not far from their place, it was a kind of weird formation that those rocks were formed like a sitting stone and were holding a stick, and the other rocks were seemed to be staring at their direction, Pio felt that the rocks seemed to be alive and watching every move they made. Pio called the attention of Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk to take a look at the rock formations, and also the other four children were puzzled by what they saw. The five children walked near to the position and while they were walking, Incredible Hulk was making fun with Pio as he lifted and throw Pio into the air and catching him before falling to the ground, he did this several times and all had been watched by the guardian rock. Pio heard about the folklore and tried to remember the old sayings about tapping the rock and asking which way to take the hidden place of Ambato. Simply tap once, the rock showed an arrow of direction and so did by the other children, one by one they tapped the rock, but when Incredible Hulk tapped the rock, it showed a circle and made him hypnotized and later turned him into a rock. Pio, Malka, JD and Joakim got surprised by what they saw. Pio told Malka, JD, and Joakim that they will return back for Incredible Hulk but this time they need to follow the arrow direction displayed in the rock. The four children followed the direction and amazingly the path was cleared and showed the exact location of the mysterious Ambato like a magic it showed the gold bearing tree and fascinating waterfalls with glittering diamonds flowing into it. The four children were very happy to have found the mysterious place. Suddenly from nowhere the old man appeared before them and telling them that they were the right person to find the mysterious Ambato because they were a kind-hearted person. Pio begged for the old man to help their friend Incredible Hulk to bring him back to life, Pio explained that Incredible Hulk was a kind-hearted person and what the guardian rocks saw while Incredible Hulk was hurling and catching Pio was just making fun with Pio, and that it was just all a joke for Incredible Hulk and Pio, and that they were just having fun, but not serious of having someone hurt. The old man believed what Pio told him and helped Incredible Hulk returned into a human again. Incredible Hulk was very happy and thanked his friends for not abandoning him. The five children thanked the old man and let each one of them picked a gold from the tree and a pocketful of diamonds from the waterfalls. They all went back to Laguna full of satisfaction and happy, but have promised to the old man that they will not tell to anybody and will remain a secret about finding the mysterious guardian rock in the Ambato forest. THE END.

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