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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Golden Jubilee

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Golden Jubilee
By: Noel N. Villarosa
August 26, 2015

Did I go far at 50?
Time flies, now my golden age
So much to ponder on life’s stage
In surging events, I need to stay nifty

Still I cry and laugh
It’s normal for a man’s fight
Heaven still guards my flight
Not rich but blessing pours enough

Younger years just past to ripe
Serious composure enlivened by jolly snatch
Which my deep thought would only catch
Light-hearted moments, I will tribe

Proudly turning half a century
Denials would still reveal at wisdom
A drift to the generational gap with younger ones
I am thankful for every wisp of glory

Though I have a limited time to reach my goals
Looking forward to the second half century
I wonder of owning certain age as sweet reverie
Birthday is not a thing to argue, it is inevitable

Today I give myself the gift of time
A chance to thank also dear people
Who make me happy and gleeful
Should the test of time ever climb

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