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Monday, August 10, 2015

God Wrote a Poem

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God Wrote a Poem
By: Noel N. Villarosa
August 11, 2015

Events that took part in our life
We don’t think we know it all
God wrote a poem for our insights
Immersed in experience, to swim the crawl

God wrote a poem for me and you
Look around, it’s written on His bounty
In flower’s scent, we are raised to view
Sceneries that inspire, humbly grow to infinity

Like I do, to read what it means
My eyes understand, the love to repair
His message sent into my dreams
Poetic dialogue to open up despair

Born to the rhythm of two hearts
One from your mother and yours
Reaching your way into light’s art
That first cry resounds that endures

It’s the first poem ever written
God’s grace to loving parents
Cries of a baby as mother cries in response
Sounds convey feelings into words to understand

God wrote a poem through sights and sounds
Unknown, until we succumbed to silence and darkness
Realizing message it tells and clear shapes that astound
We are His written poem out of nothingness

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