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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Night Shift Worker

26 August 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa

At sunset is the beginning of our day
Darkness embraces our peevish spirit
Flashing neon signs bring us in esprit
We are mindful for making a living

Danger awaits us anytime
But this is where my feet is destined to go
Where the crime took place, I need to be there on time
My pen and camera come along to tell stories awhile ago

Steady and careful hands are attentive to ailing one
Life and death situation, I presumed life will always prevail
My job demands accuracy, for mistakes will hound my wisdom
Nursing to sustain a losing life will not fail

Eager to go to the heart of the sea
While the full moon beams into the deep
My fishnet awaits patiently for a catch
For early in the morning, I bring meals to a family

I need to be tough in any situation
Unwelcome visitors alert my action
To guard premises and valuables stay untouched
By greedy creatures harmful to serenity of the place

As soon as the sunrise my day ends
Daylight warms my weary eyes and body bends
Down the hills and street I rushed
Only to keep the promise, to come home for my family I must.

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