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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Dance Of Life

By: Noel N. Villarosa
11 July 2011

Maybe a ritual dance, or simply a hobby to go with the music and to deeply incorporate your body to the beat and melody is a behavior that you are juxtaposing strong inflections from a normal course to a particular sense as conceived by the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back to a prevailing psychological state of happiness and admiration.

Any form of dance has the power to interpret life, a graceful move or the captivating leaps and bounds will surely bring a joyful interaction and considered as an entertaining way to remain fit. A stranger into the dance floor, a simple rhythmical stamping step, or just a swaying head and circular movements by the hips with a shimmy for the shoulders will serve to conceal your identity for being an outward semblance of your own personality.

An innocent dance will be entertaining for those who believe that you still have more to show but keeping it to be more exciting. A showy dance attracts those censorious eyes and making them feel the desire for you. The professional dance will remain to be upbeat and in control to move you in your insensible condition.

Literally, we dance to the music of our lives, we know the ups and downs, the vigor and lividness of our lives and there goes the right accompaniment of the so-called movements.

From childhood days, some learned how to Ballet dance, to have a formal look, one has to be strong in standing en pointe of the toe (which is very difficult), a test for endurance to withstand hardships in life.

In marriage, it takes two to tango and the husband has to give the lead role in every undertaking over his wife. The wife acquaints herself to her role to make the routine dance of life to look even more fascinating to family members and to their friends. We Waltz to dance in the slowness beats in our lives and is an equally beautiful dance, most attractive and rhythmic styles ever for a husband and wife. We Foxtrot to become flexible during the slow and fast movements of our lives as we go to our social performance.

Usually, we dance Salsa in a very amorous way and we are signaling this to our partner, the footwork is similar to Rumba and involves a lot of rapid transition in our lives when transferring the weight of all the trials in life from one foot to the other. We are doing the quick to slow steps and may vary upon age, but in constant practice, it will be more exciting to dance the Salsa of our lives. We have to move forward and backward and the woman has to faithfully depict a man’s role, just in case, she will continue his role when times come. We certainly cannot miss the Cha Cha beat in any occasion of our lives. Wherein the two slow beats represent the getting to know each other with the decision if we want to pursue it and the three quick ones which represent the decision to accept him/her into our lives and to move side to side and towards with your partner. The couples can twiddle to the tune of their love song. We have danced the Rumba in many occasions of our lives where the man generally taking on an aggressive attitude and the woman always being on the defensive of their relationship. While in Merengue dance requires the partners to be always closer together through thick and thin. Their steps will take them to the right path of life.

We have Swing dance and do the Boogie Woogie with our partner during fruition of all our efforts. Breakdancing gets also into our lives which actually bring us to journey off the street to compete and show our competence from exhibiting lifestyles and up to making decisions.

Up to this modern times, a different and unusual dance steps that we have to introduce, putting all our emotions and moods with our bare feet, we execute our final dance with a hope that it will convey an interesting and unusual dance sequences of our lives.

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