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Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Has All Been A Challenge

By: Noel N. Villarosa
July 6, 2011

From the moment of our birth, we have already gone into a competition called “spermatozoon race.” A life is formed by the union of a male and female gamete known as a zygote, while the cell formed by the union of egg and sperm is called the oosperm. Usually, when one spermatozoon has entered an egg cell all others are barred from entering, acclaiming the winner that is the strongest, fastest swimmers with the full authority to fertilize the egg. (Facts and Factor of Development by Prof. Edwin Conklin, June 1914).

Our first cries are a sign that we entered this world and that cries intensified as we got free air bespeaking of hope and expectations that we will survive the challenges in life. In a Christian life, a child is baptized to obey God’s word and some believed that after the ceremonies, the one holding the child must accomplish rapidly and without delay in reaching the church door’s way out in a belief that the child will be prominently first in all aspects of life.

First step in school is another challenge that most have tried, a fear for the first time you will be separated for a while with your mother, a fear for your teacher’s strict behaviour and for your peers, some are unfortunate to enter because their parents did not compete well to land a good paying job. For the lucky ones who manage to enter, struggle for another challenge to learn and climb up a ladder to reach a baccalaureate degree that will open a new world of challenge.

After leaving the portals of your alma mater, another journey has to come to make it more challenging --the workforce, one has to start molding his/her skills by accepting a lower position because no freshly hired will get special treatment. All bigger views need to start from a single dot interweaving into another dots making traces to form something. We have heard many success stories and some a learning experiences that serve as a guide for others. Others played the cheater’s role in performing their tasks to skip and climb up the ladder so quickly, stepping and hurting others at the bottom only to gain their superior’s trust. For the slow learners in their dedication and perseverance are their assurance that they will stay longer in the company and long years of serving and waiting will get a chance to be promoted. While the leeches strikingly get noticed at once and rise up to a much higher position in the company. We’ve been playing in our entire lives, we laughed and cried, lost and found its way again and still we deal with another challenge to face.

If we feel we have already build a foundation, now comes the turning point in our lives to separate to our parents and settle for good to have a family of our own. As life has many provocations, we are stirred to make an action. Some come from encouragement and others from our own decision. We observed, listened, and weighed everything but justification fell short and ended up in asking again. We worked to earn a living for our family and to build a foundation so strong that could support next generation of our family, these are practices that are handed down from the past by tradition. We communicated with people to meet a purpose and we are praying to God to guide us in our trials in life and to bless us an abundant life.

We are blessed by the resources which we are using in our everyday life and some are unaware of the damages they are inflicting to mother earth, since science deals challenges and wants to prove something, the bad circumstances get into our own dear life to pay for it. Life has all been a challenge from conception and into the real world.

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