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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Clock (Short Story Personification)

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The Clock (Short Story Personification)
By: Noel N. Villarosa

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It's half past twelve, "Tick-tock... tick-tock... tick-tock... " This sound filled the quiet room. And from unexplained events and very strange thing to know, that there were these three allies: the hour, the minute, and the second who are always ticking for joy during midnight. For at this time there will be nobody watching them hanging on the wall, as everyone has fallen asleep and nobody to see what their time to show. That evening is only for them. So second did a little ticking and said, "I will run around so quickly to sweep the floor and clean it in a second," While minute did also the ticking and said, "I will run around minutely, much slower as second took one round of sweeping the floor, then I will take one step ahead so that a minute pass to the floor makes a good clean," Then hour did also its own ticking much slower than the second and the minute. Each takes their turn at their proven pace; mapping for a path to set a unique time for a final sweeping of the floor that will make it really promising, so that in the next morning, everybody in the house will be surprised that the floor is within the realm of a credible dimension. Everybody will ask, "Who did the sweeping of the floor?" But nobody will think it was the three allies: the hour, the minute, and the second who did the sweeping of the floor, because in the morning they are just being watched as an ordinary clock hanging on the wall, reminding us when to start another day; what is next to be done and to plan, but at night nobody knows that they are doing amazing things like sweeping all our dirt left on the floor. It is clearing the path we have messed around to get us going the next day.

The floor is the stage where we performed our greatest act in life. Time is only essential as a testimony that we have done something good or bad, and once slipped by, just think that time has polished and kept it for a while, and for the time being would be something to reminisce about in the future. So time just keeps on passing by and never had a passion to sleep, let's make it worthwhile to harmonize with the cycle of the time.

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