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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Request for a Special Time

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A Request for a Special Time
By: Noel N. Villarosa
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Before the young man would go to sleep, he will never fail to say a prayer, at least one for the surviving relatives and the other one goes for the departed loved ones. He would also wish that someday, someone will say a prayer for his soul.

His life becomes his own time; manage everything minutely and clearly. In the span of an hour, he makes sure something has done, if not perfect, at least he stepped into being in control. The birthplace has been his soul mate; nostalgia haunts the good old days and the child within himself.

His youthful age is seemed to be chasing time after time. He never skipped great opportunities that come into his life, even the future he mildly envisioned what he would be. There was time, he would wish to turn back the clock to do what is left undone, or to pass again a moment that needs to be corrected. Many times he begged to disarm his memory of all the heartaches and misfortunes stacked in his mind. He just quietly took in control of all this as he goes along with time. He never failed to look back where he came from, and from that point, he would start to pick-up the pieces and create pictures to be his artifact to look up in the future.

All had changed and now working for his family; this time he prayed that he can provide a good life for them and that means a good job for the rest of his career. Great competency is pushing him to decide to work outside the country and look for a good paying company in order to sustain other needs of his family. He cannot go back anymore because his priority is to support and to earn for his family. He is contented to go on vacation once every year and a daily online video makes his daily life being normal in romancing distant moments. It was only through online chatting he could get news about his family's living condition, and all his life is focused on working for a living for his loved ones. As all had changed, even his prayer had changed, and this time a request that God will provide him a special time that will turn around its clock 5 times faster than its normal cycle, in order to reach retirement age and get the much-awaited reward for his remuneration of service, sacrificing his juvenile years mingling with his loved ones. And the little years left to spend, he prayed, to be considerate of him and let time slow down for the time being to be able to harmonize with his yearning to his loved ones. This request he prayed to Almighty God.

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