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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips To Control Your Anger

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Tips To Control Your Anger
By: Noel Nicolas Villarosa
March 20, 2012

A person's age does show the behavioral reaction that he will be getting from any provoking event. It is normal for the young and the old to show feelings of disapproval. In any perceived provocation which cannot be tolerated, our mind will interpret it as contrary to our doctrine. Children are having anger as a temporary emotional state, and this prompted as soon as they feel suspicious of being displaced by a rival or more likely reaction to frustrations. In the older age group, anger is a manifestation of great emotion and a deep understanding of this feeling instinctively. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on how to control your anger:

In any case, you will be caught in abrupt anger, and a sudden heap of emotions will try to convince you to retaliate. Sometimes, your reaction will rely on the time and environment, and very slim your chance of handling provocation in a peaceful manner because of failure to justify your anger. Alertness of mind to verify situation is a straightforward solution to get out from your anger.

• Do some deep breathing in an unusual manner, like doing it the other way around. While inhaling, have your stomach inflated, and deflated while exhaling. This will focus your mind on the breathing exercises and that will eventually forget your anger.

• Performing some mental images of things or events, like imagining yourself in places you have never visited or a thought of all the negative scenarios and outcomes of getting into trouble because of your bigotry. This imagery-based will relieve your pressure and stress.

• Do some soul activities that give a soothing effect like reviving old belongings and photos in your disarray attic, rewarding yourself relaxing in the calmness of the sea, or feel the strong wind at the top of the mountain. All of these will help to cool your temper and to remain on slow-burn mode.

• Stonewalling your anger. This is an attempt to delay your bursting feeling by refusing to accept your anger's challenge, for a moment take a pause, and counting to ten may give you time to think about how to react in a diplomatic way without freaking out.

• Walking away from the scene and going inside your room to release the anger by shouting out loud, or by having a qualitative change of interest in doing something for relaxing will overcome emotional tension.

• Be observant of your anger pattern. If it is recurring even in a simple misunderstanding, better if you make an appointment with your doctor, just to be sure if such behavior is still normal or needs medical treatment.

• Change your core beliefs that in rude retaliation will always release the stress, and will satisfy your revenge. Try considering also the enduring effect of the hurting words that may cause an irreparable harm, and that only time can heal the scarce it has made.

• Voicing your anger in a calm and constructive way will put you in a good position to control your anger without creating a feeling of guilt and shame.

• If you are not comfortable in voicing your anger, try writing it all down on a piece of paper or electronic mail can be emotionally purging.

• Don't be afraid to ask for advice from your parents and closest friends if the problem gets complicated. It is still mitigating if you feel someone's commiseration.

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