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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Manila - A Smiling Place To Visit

Manila - A Smiling Place to Visit
By: Noel N. Villarosa
30 December 2012

Aside from the beautiful scenery, enticing foods, and the exciting long trip to a place--nothing would hold back the longing to set your foot in the same place you have visited because there is something that you treasured most.

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines--with a few remaining old facades resembling landmarks of great history are still intact to mesmerize you on remembering the good old days. Now highly urbanized with many skyrocketing buildings and malls to prance in--the big advancement will transport your curiosity to know more about this place.

Manila if not the most charming destinations in Asia is nestled attractively on the eastern shore of Manila Bay flanked with expressways, main roads and streets, and Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The dazzling attraction of this place can widely be seen with the people’s accommodating smile, eagerness to help when somebody is looking for a place, and leaving no baleful scheme, and a generous trust that you will partake in when these people are talking. Makati is one of the cities of Metro Manila and the financial center of the Philippines, known also for its cosmopolitan culture because of relationships among individuals marked with diversity in their beliefs. Moreover, its major shopping centers, condominiums, financial hubs, hotels, and entertainment hubs reconcile these differences. What makes it more appealing is the Greenbelt Chapel at the center of its busy shopping mall. Preserved with its dense green forests and the remarkable sculptures you will find in every corner. This chapel is included among the top ten things to do when visiting Manila.

Who will not be entertained with the wonders brought while visiting Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park, in the heart of Manila, made known as historical because it was the place where the famous National Hero (Dr. Jose Rizal) was executed thru a firing squad. The place is next to the old walled city of Manila, known today as Intramuros.

Luneta located along Manila Bay has been the favorite spot for socializing; fortifies family bonding by making it as their house extension for an open air sharing of foods, talking, and a chance to visit the Museum of the Filipino People, Japanese Garden, National Library of the Philippines, Rizal Monument, and enjoy the music from the concert at the park. It is home to various groups with common goals in life.

The marvel architecture of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, which is located in Pasay City, has been the flagship venue for various local and international performances and exhibitions. The Tanghalang Pambansa (National Theater) is its headquarters. Designed by National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin, its design has been qualified to be an important cultural landmark.

The fascinating simple lifestyle of the people attracted many tourists to revisit this city. The trademark smile of the people will greet you from the very first day of your stay up to the day of your departure. Come and experience the best accommodations that simply offer you the best food and a soothing relaxation point. Manila City where the fun begins from its busy streets and into every place that you come across will leave beautiful memories to your heart.

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