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Saturday, March 28, 2015


 Photo Credit to: Patrice_Audet

Howling At The Moon
By: Noel N. Villarosa
27 March 2015

I am a wolf lover
I am simply an observer from afar
I looked up at the moon
Imagining your howling to keep me attuned

Moon is your vision in howling message
Vikings always wore your skin at winter’s rage
Blood taken to compensate lost courage in the battle
They see you as companion spirit to set on another travel

Watching your blue eyes at birth, turning yellow
By the time you turn older, we’ll hear a loud bellow
Your desire to reunite with your blood brothers
All gray wolves and the red wolves smother an affair

Gather all alpha male and female
To produce the strongest cubs and care
Career in hunting intensified by watching
Learning to form a polygon, each is participating

Many rulers fascinated to mean their names with yours
Some noble personality hunts you down for your shaggy fur
Using wolfhound to outrun and hunt your brothers
As they respond to human howls are then put to danger

Clearing my mind of any last wolves ever killed
Keep on howling and make us beguiled
Unwanted occupants warned away from trying to intrude
Protecting each other and your brood

I am only a follower for whatever is your knowing
I regret for any anarchic killing
For I believed slain wolves’ brothers would revenge
I am to this day will help to make a change

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