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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nine Wishes – Poem for my son

                                                Photo credit: Maria Cecilia B. Villarosa

Nine Wishes – Poem for my son
By: Noel N. Villarosa
April 19, 2016

You are our liberator
For seven years confined
Searching for a love connector
You complete our lives, true hearts bind

All nine yards of happiness
Send it far up to nine planets
In scoreless game, evoking wittiness
On cloud nine, all in a bucket

Turning 9 years old is great
What have you made in your wish list?
Special nine wishes, genie can relate
I am out of the bottle; all I need is a kiss

Choose with care
And to choose the important one
Don’t turn 9 upside down on the square
Feeling old, do again your childish run

Nice, imaginative, nascent, eligible
Evidence to be special and be loved
Last single-digit birthday is appreciable
You’re fast growing up, it justly proved

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