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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coming Together Again (IMO 1969-1991)

Coming Together Again
(Reunion IMO 1969-1991)

By: Noel N. Villarosa
5 December 2013

Around it, the military offices
Barracks at the other end
I chose to walk to view the vastness
Of the place where brave men blend

Innovate or stagnate its undying motto
Time is changing and more challenging
One must lead the IT and since mandated by law
NCC was born and begun its servicing

Destiny has brought me to join this office
Where the pioneers in IT ever lived
Input Machine Operation, the office I served
Data encoder, controller on the service

New hopes set free
And chose the right people
To share knowledge, love and camaraderie
Many events transpired and became a sequel

For life is queer, we parted ways
As everyone of us need to search
Like in the silver tint of the sky’s shades
We emerged and came up to a breath taking journey

Like love always finds its way home
After long years pass, many have changed
One day we will reunite and embrace each other
Like brothers/sisters gone away and coming together

Uncertain of feelings but with jubilance
Trying to capture moments, a way to begin
The smile and warmth acceptance will make a good ambiance
Our reunion will fulfill a compact that we will see each other again

(My way of gratitude to the National Computer Center)

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