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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Luck in Love I See in You

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The Luck in Love, I see in you

By: Noel N. Villarosa
16 December 2013

Today is the day when we tied the knot
The luck in love was when I met you
That glimmers during day and night
And will not vanish like a celestial view

God has breathed two souls been searching
And so our prayers met and conceived
Passion to be with you and an undying love
As we find the rhythm of a new life beginning

Each year is glory, as we recall our vows
Nothing aureate but being together is enough
Trust is the foundation and it is all that shows
 Quality time with family is what we cared of

Something lives within your gentle eyes
That can suits me in a dark, cool and damp place
It is the loving light that radiates and supply
The stream of life as way to embrace

No love has ended without due romance
For it is something to share and far from lies
For in another life, I will still take the chance
The luck in love, I see in your eyes


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