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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Birthday Poem for Mother Leonora


                               Photo Credit to: DWilliams

Birthday Poem for Mother Leonora
By: Noel N. Villarosa
8 April 2015

For only now I understand
The meaning of endurance
For the gravity that you held so grand
I would this day take as compliance

Though I would like to see you
As still young and vibrant
A prayer of another birthday to come through
Your glowing presence is my ritual chant

For all the love and sacrifice
I cannot repay, my life is my indebtedness
For a wonderful lady, there is so much to rejoice
Starting a life with you in the constancy and absoluteness

I am longing for your embrace
I am still the child by your side
Looking every cloth you crocheted, it was time you outfaced
Your sweat of hard work has made great strides

Today is your birthday
Happy Birthday, Mama Leonora
Wishing you a bright, blessed 75th birthday
We love you, our Señora

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