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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Sky is Blue

                                          Pio Noel out in blue sky playing soccer game
                                          Photo by: Maria Cecilia B. Villarosa

The first ever poem written by my son Pio Noel B. Villarosa, I am a proud father posting this poem here in my blog. Thank you for reading.

The Sky is Blue
By: Pio Noel B. Villarosa
April 4, 2015

The sky is blue, blue, blue
What will happen next, I don't know
If it breaths in something blue or eats the planets
One thing to protect me from the cold winter is my blanket

I played with my spaceship toy in bed, I have played it all
Turning around in outer space like a ball
My sister has a doll
Turn their world full of excitement
Until their mother called

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