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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Into the Abyss and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)

Photo Credit: The Abyss by MadFatSkillz

Into the Abyss and the Five Children
By: Noel N. Villarosa
16 July 2014

This is my story: A long time ago, when Mariana creatures (those living under the sea) mingled with Aslanda creatures (those living in the land), they made a compact that both will take care of the magical scepter (a long decorated stick that is carried by a king or queen) that holds the opening of the gate into the deep sea. The magical scepter was kept by Pellucida, daughter of King Eunecid.

Aslanda was led by Chieftain Tudah with his son Cumbo as his trusted warrior. Aslanda people were forbidden to hold and see the secret scepter kept by Pellucida, as it will close the gate connecting the Marianas to the Aslandas. Marianas and Aslandas have an in-depth understanding of their own language through the magical power of the scepter that opened their minds for communication. They could barter whatever things they have in their kingdom and so with the humans. For so long ago people have explored the vast depths of the oceans, they were allowed to visit the Mariana’s Kingdom and were allowed to explore the beauty that lies beneath the ocean.

King Eunecid is a half man half seahorse, while Princess Pellucida is a beautiful half woman half blue jellyfish. Many underwater creatures have the ability to talk; even the Deep-sea Glass Squid can communicate using light organs on its eyes. Humans can play with the Dumbo Octopus while riding on its tentacles. The vent crab would always do the clapping when it was happy. The brittle starfish always act as a blindfold to human eyes when they like to play the hide and seek game. The Hagfish was always helping humans on their house chores by cleaning the house backyards. The deep-sea lizardfish would always have fun racing with humans to get into the bottom of the sea. The deep-sea giant sea spider would always be hanging around with women who like to stitch out a cloth covering for the dining table. The eelpout fish would always be found playing with its thick-lipped and kissing children he met along the way. But the monstrous of all underwater creatures was the Ogrefish with its fangtooth and muscular body could chase down the humans. King Eunecid had put the Ogrefish locked inside a dark cave under high pressures, freezing water, and where sunlight could not pass through into its deepest.

The Ogrefish had a bad intention of stealing the scepter to Princess Pellucida, and to make this expose to human eyes, as envy grew inside its heart against Aslandas and Marianas, the Ogrefish wished to get the scepter in order to close the door for the humans and to look at Mariana Kingdom as their new King. There was one secret friend of the Ogrefish who would like to set him free, it was the Darth Vader Jellyfish with its 4 tentacles and 12 stomach pouches. It usually swam holding out its poisoned tentacles in front and could melt even the strongest steel bars. The Darth Vader Jellyfish secretly managed to go into the deepest cave where the Ogrefish was held captive and using its tentacles melted down the steel bars blocking the way out. The Ogrefish had escaped and immediately visited Princess Pellucida, and by force got the scepter from her hands. The Ogrefish swam his way above the sea and exposed the scepter to Aslandas. Upon the Aslandas saw the scepter with their own eyes, a whirlpool suddenly appeared, and sucked all the water down the seabed, but before the whirlpool closed, Cumbo got a chance to grab the scepter from the Ogrefish, and leaving the once vast ocean into a dried terrain.

For a long time, the Mariana Kingdom was gone and been separated from the Aslandas. But the hope to see the Mariana Kingdom was possible upon the scepter’s power which Cumbo had kept.

Many years have passed, and so Cumbo died from sickness, along with his grave, the scepter was kept. Not until one fateful day, a group of paleographers and cryptologists arrived where Cumbo’s grave was unearthed.  Pio and Malka were paleographers (one who study ancient writing), while JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk were known to be cryptologists (people who work with secret codes). These five children were gifted and been working with secret codes, and studying the most complex and difficult code found on earth. They knew about the scepter and must know how to decode the secret message etched into the scepter in order to open again the door for the Kingdom of Mariana.

Pio and Malka studied the ancient writing,  and discovered that what was inscribed in the scepter were the Vinca symbols, it conveyed a message and needed to be deciphered. Pio and Malka turned over their findings to JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk to study the codes or the symbols written on the scepter. Pio and Malka told them that some symbols were referring to sea creatures; a light referring to the sun and moon; and a tomb’s secret passage for light. JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk translated the symbols that in order to open the gate to Mariana Kingdom was to find a preserved fossil of sea creatures that lived from that period, and from that fossil they will extract oil from it, and to put it at the top of Cumbo’s grave, and wait until the Sun enters the small hole of the tomb to heat it, and later to flow freely inside the scepter,  and at night let the Moon’s light penetrates the secret hole to the tomb to fuel the oil inside it, and to reveal the secret code to open the Mariana Kingdom.  Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk prepared themselves to expect the unexpected; they followed as what the symbols were telling them what to do. Carefully they followed the steps, and when the proper time for the Moon to light up the oil, the scepter suddenly glowed and emitted a light back to the moon and to redirect it back to the ground. The light that hit the ground split it, and water afterward flowed filling the vast terrain into almost a wide sea. 

Pio just saw the Deep-Sea Lizardfish and jumped on his head ready to play the hide and seek game. Malka met the Brittle Starfish and acted as a blindfold to her eyes. JD saw Dumbo Octopus and touched him with its tentacles, Joakim met the Hagfish and started to help him cleaning the ground, and Incredible Hulk met the Eelpout fish and started kissing him on his cheeks.

The five children began talking with the sea creatures, and they just found out that King Eunecid and Princess Pellucida were held captive by the Ogrefish. The sea creatures told them that they were held locked inside the cave. Pio was holding the scepter as the key to enter the Kingdom of Mariana, and the five children used this to save the King and the Princess. Holding the scepter was not impossible for the five children to go to the deepest of the ocean, and they could breathe just like other sea creatures. The five children reached the deepest of the sea and saw the cave where the king and the princess were held. But all of a sudden the Ogrefish and Darth Vader Jellyfish have appeared on the five children stopping them to free the king and the princess. Pio using the scepter pointed to the Ogrefish and the Darth Vader Jellyfish emitting a flash of light that could make them blind. The flash of light from the scepter just blinded the Ogrefish and the Darth Vader Jellyfish making them helpless but to surrender to the five children. King Eunecid and Princess Pellucida were at long last freed again from the Ogrefish and Darth Vader Jellyfish. Kind Eunecid and Princess Pellucida thanked the five children and gave each of them a black pearl as their way of thanking them. From then on the Kingdom of Mariana and the human beings were reunited once again. The five children were given access to the underwater castle of King Eunecid and Princess Pellucida. The five children were very happy to mingle with the sea creatures and to play with them at all times. THE END.

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