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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Part 2: The Genie in the Bottle and The Five Children (Short Story for Children)

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Part 2: The Genie in the Bottle and the Five Children
By: Noel N. Villarosa
5 July 2014

This is the continuation: As the Genie and the five children were separated with each other; only the signal mirror of JD will be their way of communication as it signals a code where one is in danger and needs help. Beyond the knowledge of the Genie and the five children, there was one man from the past that belongs to the time of Genie and Krosant that had survived the call of time; his name was Gestner, he was the helper of Krosant, and knew about the potion that Krosant’s dagger had. Gestner also knew one potion that Krosant had invented; this potion could help anyone to live a longer life if swallowed, so he stole this potion with Krosant before Krosant died in the battle. Gestner also knew that potion could take the Genie’s power, once Krosant’s dagger glistened with light; the potion will be released, and when inhaled by Genie, it will suck Genie’s power and be transferred to the one holding the dagger.

Gestner had searched for the missing dagger; he had followed the last trace where Genie was found by the five children. Gestner knew that only on that island where the five children had found Genie could be where he could find Krosant’s dagger. Gestner went to the isolated island and using his mind power, he had located Krosant’s dagger beneath the deep sea. Now the dagger was in Gestner’s possession, the only way to get Genie’s power was to put this lying beside Genie when he falls into sleep, and let the light glistened to emit the potion that would suck the power from within Genie’s body.

Gestner had searched for Genie, he traveled to different places and using his mind power, he finally located where Genie was living. Gestner waited until he got the perfect time to lay the dagger beside Genie’s body.

From the remote place where the five children were situated, JD’s signal mirror had received a code from Genie’s exact location, and it was sending a code that Genie was in big danger. JD told this to Pio, Malka, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk that anytime Genie will be killed by his oppressor. So without wasting any time, Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk flew to the place where the code was signaling from JD’s signal mirror.

They arrived in the place, but it was too late; Gestner had prevailed from his bad intention to the Genie. The five children found Genie lying on the bed too weak to stand up because the dagger had taken away all his powers. Pio using his binocular found a safe place where they could bring Genie and ask for help. Malka using her flashlight sent a dancing polar light in the sky to help Genie revived his strength. JD used his signal mirror to send the code to Krosant’s dagger to stop transferring the power into thy hand’s thief but rather alter the potion into a curse that whosoever have it will be trapped inside the bottle forever more, and no summoner will ever find him. Joakim using his flare brightened up the evening, and that lively light has made Genie wake up. Incredible Hulk using his strength tried to carry Genie to the place where Pio’s binocular had searched where they could hide Genie from Gestner. The good fellowship that the five children extended to help Genie only proved that Genie was not wrong of choosing them to be the rightful owner of the special gift that he gave away.

From the hiding place of Gestner, the thief was rejoicing for he knew that anytime when Krosant’s dagger glistened again, it will transfer Genie’s power into his body, but he never knew that JD’s signal mirror had sent a code that will alter the potion into a curse, that would put him inside the bottle and be trapped forever more without any summoner to free him again. Krosant’s dagger glistened, and while it glistened, slowly the light transformed Gestner’s body into a white smoke and put him inside the bottle. Gestner inside the bottle was taken away by the big sea waves and was battling the wave’s commotion every day and night without an assurance of finding his freedom again.

Genie lived a normal life without his power anymore. The five children: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim, and Incredible Hulk, have wholeheartedly accepted Genie as part of their family. They lived as free as to where the wind blows. THE END.

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