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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Genie in the Bottle and the Five Children (A Short Story for Children)

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The Genie in the Bottle and the Five Children
By: Noel N. Villarosa
2 July 2014

This is my story: Long before when pirates and genies were acquainted with each other, they made good jokes all day long. One pirate named Krosant, who was an alchemist and a fortuneteller, created a chemical to mix in materials for doing a special bottle. Any spirit like the genie could be trapped inside unless the cork been removed from the outside. The pirate Krosant and his friend genie once tried to prove their special talents. Each will show their hidden talents. The genie agreed with Krosant. Genie asked Krosant if he could hit the apple from the tree using his dagger. Krosant immediately drew out his dagger and flung it to the direction of the apple, the apple dropped on the ground, Krosant proved his talent. Now Krosant asked the genie to show his talent, he asked genie if he could go inside the small bottle. Genie has to prove his guts, but before genie went inside, Krosant gave his dagger to genie as a gift. Genie had the power to transform into anything, in order to get inside the bottle, genie transformed into white smoke to get inside the bottle, while Krosant with bad intention immediately covered the bottle with a cork. Now Krosant asked the genie if he could get out from the bottle, but with all his efforts proved to be useless because of the secret chemical that Krosant had mixed in molding that bottle. Krosant was impressed by his invention and would not let genie come out, and from then on genie was trapped inside the bottle, but Krosant left a promise for his friend genie, that he will give him another gift, a chance to escape. But this gift was not in his possession but on other’s hand--his summoner, that in the future five children will remove the cork to free him, but genie will never know who these five children are. Only time could tell. Krosant also told genie that once freed, genie must grant wishes for the five children as a gesture of appreciation. Krosant tossed the bottle into the sea, and the sea has been its bed. For so many years the sea waves brought the bottle with the genie to travel many places finding for his fate. Krosant fought many battles and died in one battle he had encountered.

One fateful day, five children namely: Pio, Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk were sailing in the Pacific ocean, they were training to sail a sailboat in preparation for the mainsail race. A gusty storm brought down their sails causing the boat to stop, the five children managed to reach the nearby island, and when they safely landed on the shore, Pio noticed a bottle half sank on the sand, he picked it up and saw a mysterious man inside the bottle and was waving and pointing upwards, like telling him to pull out the cork, Pio called Malka, JD, Joakim and Incredible Hulk to look at what he found. Malka out of curiosity, pulled out the cork letting the man inside to come out, as white smoke gradually forming into a burly young man holding Krosant’s dagger as a recollection of Krosant’s treachery to him. The genie was so triumphant that after being stuck inside the bottle since Krosant’s betrayal, he spoke to the five children, “As my way of appreciation, I am granting you five wishes,” said by Genie.

Pio knew that Malka had lost her flashlight; Malka knew that Pio lost his binocular; JD knew that Joakim lost his flares; Joakim knew that JD lost his signal mirror, while Incredible Hulk knew nothing at all.

Pio had wished for the genie to bring back Malka’s lost flashlight, the genie granted it. Malka wished that Pio’s binoculars be restored; the genie gave it to Pio. JD had wished for Joakim’s flares and it was granted; Joakim wished for JD’s signal mirror and it was also been granted. All in all the survival gear supplies have restored into the four children. During the night, Malka used her flashlight to send a signal from the shore; Pio used his binoculars to see an approaching ship; JD used his signal mirror to send a signal from the shore, and Joakim used his flares during the night to send signal up in the sky. After a thorough and clever distress calling and signaling, a ship had found their location. Genie was happy for the four children that he noticed their cooperative endeavors in the face of danger, they did not ask for an easy way out; instead, they used their skills and not just wishing to the genie to pop them out from the isolated island. The asking for their needed survival kit to find a way out proved that helping each other is the best tool to survive. The four children impressed genie by what they have shown, so genie gave them a special gift to bring, and it was rare of its kind, a golden binocular that would always find a safe place was given to Pio; a flashlight emitting a dancing polar light display in the sky was given to Malka; a signal mirror that transmits sound and code was given to JD; and a flare blazing light that would last the whole night was given to Joakim. The four children were happy to receive their gifts from genie, while they boarded in the rescue ship, the four children tapped Incredible Hulk’s shoulder telling him that it was all right if he did not receive anything from genie, what they have also belonged to him and nothing could stop them in sharing what they have to Incredible Hulk.  The genie with his freedom enjoyed a normal life outside the bottle. He returned back to his hometown, but could not see anymore his old friends, he tossed Krosant’s dagger into the sea to forget everything. The End.

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