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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Part 3: The Genie in the Bottle and the Five Children (Short Story for Children)

                                                     Photo Credit: deviantart.com
Part 3: The Genie in the Bottle and the Five Children
By: Noel N. Villarosa
16 July 2014

This is the continuation: As Gestner kept floating in the sea, unsuspected to Genie and the five children, Gestner had still one potion in his pocket. Gestner used this potion to counter-attack JD’s signal mirror’s code and easily helped him to pass through the bottle as white smoke. Gestner succeeded in escaping inside the bottle. Gestner flew into the air to look for Genie and the five children to get his revenge.

Outside the open field, Genie and the five children were talking, when Genie suddenly remembered a way to bring back his power, and that was to travel back to his past, and the only way to do this was through the powers that he gave to the five children. Genie could use Pio’s binocular to find the exact location of the Minkowski time-space in order to move him in between different points in space for traveling backward in time. Genie could even use Malka’s flashlight to light his way inside the dark time-space. He took a small piece of JD’s signal mirror to use this as his way of communicating back to the five children. Genie told JD to use his signal mirror to send code that will locate the trace of the space he occupied in the past. Genie could also use Joakim’s flares to burst a bright flame as an advance signal to locate his past. Genie planned to go back to the past to stop Krosant in doing his dagger, and the potion that would get his power; likewise this would also prevent Gestner for knowing what Krosant’s secret in formulating the potion at that exact time. He needed to be there ahead of Gestner and before Krosant could build his dagger and the potion. And so Genie got inside the time-space to travel back in time.

Gestner located the five children, and he threatened them that if they will not help him to go inside the time-space, they will be put inside the bottle. The five children scared of Gestner’s threat have no other option but to help him to get inside the time-space.

Genie safely arrived in the past and quickly managed to stop Krosant in doing his dagger and the potion. In doing this, Genie’s power has returned back. Along the time-space, Gestner was still traveling, while all the time has changed, and when Gestner arrived there, it was too late for him to stop Genie, and he did not see what Krosant did for his dagger and the potion. All because Genie has turned back the time, Gestner could not found the dagger and the potion.

Both Genie and Gestner were trapped in the past, and could not return back to the future. Genie just sent a message to JD’s signal mirror that he could not return back anymore, that he was safely back on his time with all his power returned back. All Genie would like the five children to feel was his overwhelming appreciation for what the five children did to help him, and will not forget them as long as he lives. So even before the invention of the cell phone, the five children were using a signal mirror to send a message to Genie about what was happening to them. Genie and the five children even separated by time have still a way to communicate with each other. THE END.

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